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It's been a little while. My new computer meant I lost a lot of my linkies and took a while to retrieve them. Then the list was, of course, rather longer and this was compounded by my having a complete "no, I can't do this. I can't" moment which was unpleasant. They're not happy fun lists, after all.

But, I do think they're imporant, so after much wrangling I finally got it together

Hate Speech
Now that the excellent California law that requires GBLT people to be included in history lessons has passed, hate group Save California wants parents to remove their kids from schools so they are not “mentally molested”

While we have seen the much publicised racist rant of that vile woman on a tram there has also been a case of a homophobe abusing gay passengers on the London overground as well as 2 cases of street preachers engaging in similar abuse.
Kelly Osborune has spewed some vile transphobia and followed it up with a series of non-pologies.

Director Brett Ratner decided that homophobic slurs are such witty one liners I love the “everyone who knows me knows I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body.” Uh-huh your used a slur – I think the prejudice is pretty damn clear.

Professional footballer Hope Akban’s homophobic tweet is, naturally, going to face no consequences

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You've probably seen this on twitter in the news or otherwise in the greater images that remind us what a sewer our politics are. But for those who don't:

Theresa May, our Home Secretary and Equalities Minister gave a speech trying to condemn and scrap the Human Rights Act (yes, our Home Secretary and Equalities Minister wants to scrap the Human Rights act. This should probably tell you a lot about her.) In this speech she said “The illegal immigrant who cannot be deported because – and I am not making this up – he had a pet cat.”

Except of course she did make it up, or someone did, because it's grossly untrue. Utterly utterly untrue. In no way, shape or form can you remain in this country when facing deportation because you have a pet cat. She was talking bullshit.

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I've been thinking, and particular tweets and posts I've seen have prompted me further, about the “gay porn” revelations we've had both when Osama was shot and now when Gaddafi has been sent running into the wilderness.

In both cases, some reports said that they found vast porn collections including (DUM DUM DUM GAY PORN!). And among certain circles there is a chortling and a laughing and lots of “I knew it” and “it wouldn't surprise me” and similar sentiments that give me grey hairs

And I side-eye the whole thing and wonder in some cases whether or not it's a plant (Actually, in the case of Gaddafi I find myself in agreement with Queerty on it being a plant - not because they did an exhaustive search of porn to try and find the title that didn't seem to exist - but because I boggle at the idea of someone with just ONE porn DVD :P). But plant I side, I ask what the point is? Of all the things you could say about Osama Bin Laden and Gaddafi's regime exactly how is this porn even slightly worthy of mention?

Well, I can think of three reasons:

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Well isn't this as hot mess? For those who haven't been watching – the News of the World (a major Sunday newspaper in the UK) has been very very naughty. In fact, no I won't even be light about this. They have been seriously sick and twisted individuals with all the moral compassion of a lizard.

They have been hacking phones for stories. Phones of the police, phones of celebrities – and phones of crime victims. In one case the parents of murdered teenager Milly Dowler thought their daughter was alive because some of the texts on her phone had been deleted. She was dead – but the News of the World had hacked her phone for the story. They had deleted messages – potential evidence - because the memory was full and they wanted to make room for more.

The News of the World tried first to claim it was the overzelous actions of a private detective, then that it was the rogue actions of a maverick reporter (and if it was, didn't anyone question where she got this information?) – but increasingly it became clear that it was wall to wall stink.

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There is another round up of bigotry, persecution and general evil fuckery on the blog

I compile these because often with this crap there's little to say beyond what has already been said. But I do think it sends a message to collect it. And I make no claim that i've collated even 1% of all the crap out there - I have not, not even close. But I feel seeing several of these items together, in groups is helpful to show patterns. This isn't isolated, they arne't oddities - these are trends, tropes and eternally reocurring badnesses

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A ramble on the many many issues I have seen with regards to gay actors and my musings on them

To read clicky on this linky here and go to my shiny blogy thingy

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February in the UK is LGBT history month. Now, as I’ve said before I have a lot of problems with various history months (and do let’s insert the snark about “shortest month” here), but one thing I don’t regret is the portrayal of LGBT people in education. Kids need to see we have worth, that we exist that we’re not aberrations or sins or diseased. And that’s doubly so for LGBT kids.

So, one of the best things that is happening during this month are lessons that have an LGBT slant. Lessons with LGBT themes, lessons so our kids can see people like themselves once in a very great while.

And of course the haters got to hate. The haters and the bigots cannot possibly allow any attempt to tell our children they have value or worth, cannot allow any attempt to try and reduce their pain or the appalling suicide rate that takes so many of our youth.

First we have homophobic conservative (oh I suppose the “homophobic” is redundant since I’ve already identified the Tory) MP Craig Whittaker who believes all these silly attempts to stop internalised homophobia, homophobic bullying and gay suicide are just “nonsense” And it would seem that Tory MP Richard Drax is not only a homophobe who agrees with such bigotry, but is also a coward since he instantly edited them away when it was noticed and tweeted Ah Tories, still trying to convince me you’ve changed?

And we have this poisonous bigot, Melanie Phillips from the Daily Mail – and do we really expect better from the paper of Jan Moir and her evil venom?

She is afraid that us gays have a “ruthless agenda” to destroy “normal sexuality” because you see we’re not normal. We’re freaks and diseased and other and corrupting the precious, proper, real straight people and their pure real sexuality. And of course telling them that gay people exist is an “abuse.”

See, telling a gay kid that they’re ok being gay and there’s nothing wrong with them? That’s an abuse. That’s child abuse apparently. Far better to wait until eh commit suicide – the Daily Mail and Melanie Phillips would much prefer that

Of course she thinks including non-sexual references to gay people in education is absurd. Absurd? Our existence is absurd?

No, do you know what is absurd? Her implication that being gay will become mandatory. That is beyond absurd. Seriously? Mandatory homosexuality? Everyone will have to become gay?

Really I can’t comment on the article, I cna’t. Reading it is nauseating, it is that bad – easily as bad as the evil flowing from Jan Moir

The Daily Mail is pushing new limits of hatred with this one.

Words cannot express how every little attempt to stop the suffering of GBLT people, especially our young, is met by such vehement opposition. It’s sadistic, it’s cruel and it’s evil

We know that the PCC won’t do anything after the Jan Moir debacle, we know the PCC supports and encourages homophobia. However, as in the previous trainwreck from this paper of hate, we can talk to the advertisers

Marks & Spencers

Are all advertising on this page. This is what their products are associating with – and they are places where my money will not go while they continue to support this evil

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It has been a while, but we, sadly, have another round up of hatred and bigotry from all sides as usual. The bombardment is everywhere, it comes in all sectors of society.

For a while I considered not doing these for the sake of the sporking, but I don’t want to run and hide far -it’s a bad habit that is steeling over me.


In the world of business and education

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The elected leaders of the world continue to wallow in hatred – it’s terrifying when you think these people are supposed to be leaders but have no problem showing their homophobic backsides


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We can never underestimate the power of the media and the damage the homophobia, prejudice and general fucked-up-ness of various celebrities. The damage these cause to hearts and minds unmatched

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Which brings us neatly to that paragon of hatred – organised religion.

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Lastly and most tragically – we have to look at the violence. The people hurt, the lives lost, the tears shed. I always insist these be linked with the above because they cannot cannot cannot be separated.

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Now I think i need to find a corner to gently weep in

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So a couple of university students have got married for art, one of them is a gay man.

Now, personally my thoughts are more “what, he can marry a woman for the sake of ‘art’ but he couldn’t marry another man for the sake of love?” and get rather seethingly pissed to be honest. Because it reminds me for all the prating from the straight world about how uber precious marriage is and it just can’t be sullied by our gay selves, the fact remains that a male/female couple is already quite capable of doing just about anything in, to or for marriage and absolutely no-one gives a damn

But the Daily Mail (ugh) interviewed someone who took a different view – see it was an act to denigrate marriage and of course it was done by a gay man – because after all that’s what we exist for. Because they couldn’t just comment on the marriage, they couldn’t just comment on the art, they couldn’t express whether they disagree or not – no it has to be the malicious gays!
This expert? Yes it’s Stephen bloody Green again bloody hellfire, who moved the rock and let this guy out? When did he become to go-to guy for all British media whenever discussing a gay person?

STOP talking to this man, stop interviewing him, stop treating him like an expert, stop deciding that this straight bigot is an expert on all gay issues ever. I am past sick of seeing a hate group continually interviewed to comment on everything we say, everything we do and everything we are.

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Something has happened involving cricket.  I wouldn’t know since that would require me to actually stay awake through a cricket match and that’s not likely to happen any time soon

But the BBC has decided to interview Carmen Callil, an Australian publisher and cricket fan. Who decided to comment on ther cricket by using an anti-gay slur apparently their dyed hair connects them to their “poofter side”
Don’t worry, Kirsty Wark was quick to respond to such blatant homophobia by… laughing. And the BBC, in response to complaints believes that was an excellent way to deal with it and “move the discussion on”

I can’t help but wonder what would happen if the BBC had a guest that used a different slur to describe someone with such contempt? I doubt very much they would just laugh it off – let alone laugh it off and consider that DEALT with.

The BBC is developing a trying record. I think I’m becoming completely unconcerned about the threat to their license fee – and I certainly resent paying for this drivel

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Elton John and David Furnish have a baby. In general, this isn’t something that’s top of my “do not care” pile so I noted the news, shrugged and moved on.

Then I saw the reporting…
I think a prize has to go to the BBC for this obscenity

See, the BBC decided that to report on Elton John and David Furnish having a child they needed to interview Stephen Green of Christian Voice.

Stephen Green, for those who don’t know, is a rabid homophobe who despises our very existence and spoke out in favour of the proposed genocidal Ugandan law to have gay people executed. He is one of the most virulent anti-gay bigots in Britain. I will not link to his site, I don’t gave hate groups page views.
Note that the BBC didn’t for one second note what kind of man Stephen Green was, why he was being interviewed or his history. They didn’t mention his virulent history of homophobia, picketing pride parades, comparing a gay singer to Jeffrey Dahmer, referring to battles against anti-gay bullying as “promoting sodomy in school children” Gods I could go on for hours. The BBC didn’t go on for minutes on this man’s bigoted history. Like Channel 4 before them they treated this bigot as an expert and an authority – while completely glossing over his history and the extremity of his views.

The BBC’s belated excuse for this? It’s necessary to interview a bigot when talking about Elton John and David Furnish’s family in the interest of…. balance

Really? BALANCE? I’m sorry, I didn’t think the existence of gay families had to be balanced by interviewing someone who wants us dead? Shall we apply this to other celebrity couples? Next time a famous straight couple have a child shall we interview someone who thinks those parents should be executed? Will this be “balance?”
Hey didn’t Jamie Oliver have a child in 2010? I seem to recall he did. But I’m pretty certain no-one felt the need to interview people who wanted him and his wife dead. Let me check the BBC… hmmm… no, no need to interview people wanting the death opf Jamie Oliver specifically or straight people in general. Why, it seem that no children of straight people ever required the interviewing of bigots in response. Now, why do we think that is, I wonder?

But with gay couples having children we have to interview an extremist, a bigot, a man who wants us dead, in order to “have a debate”?

I am sick of this. I am sick of such virulent hatred being presented as reasonable. I am sick of people who advocate genocide of us being treated as rational, serious people. I am sick of our lives and our families being shit on by some of the most respected institutions in the country.

But hey, at least they have company in the homophobia front:
We have the New York Post deciding that David Furnish is Elton’s “wife”

And we have this… thing from a Taiwanese news programme… I have not the words

Gods above I hate the straight-lead world sometimes. (Ha, sometimes?)

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The World Cup in 2022 is going to be held in Russia and Qatar.

Normally the World Cup is something that hits my radar largely because television, advertising et al becomes consumed by lots of men playing with balls in a way that is not nearly as sexy as it sounds (alas) but I did a double take on this one.
See, when we’re looking at homophobia in sports and how they’re finally pushing to make it slightly less omnipresent (and even acknowledging it’s a problem!) and there’s actually supposed to be some kind of movement here – we have Fifa picking countries to host the world cup that literally risk life and limb for gays to go and support. Qatar in particular still considered being gay a crime punishable by imprisonment or flogging. Flogging, I kid you not.

Really I shouldn’t be surprised, Fifa doesn’t even include sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policy and with the UN deciding that killing us is all fine and dandy, you can hardly expect Fifa of all organisations to give a damn whether we’re considered human or not.

It’s just depressing as hell to see yet again the straight world giving us a big fuck you. Again, straightness confirms that our lives are worth bugger all.

Unsurprisingly, Gay groups are hella pissed about this. Because it gets tiresome when the straight powers that be yet AGAIN make it clear that stomping on your head is just fun and games and totally ok

The Gay Football Supporters Network is boycotting the games. They very rightly point out that while Fifa wants to bring the game “to the whole world” it apparently doesn’t include gay people. We’re not part of the world it seems, according to straightness. Or maybe they just wish we weren’t.

And, of course, those silly gays objecting to the devaluing contempt and dehumanising hatred of the straight world are over-reacting. Why, as journalist Mehdi Hasan tells us, we’re over-reacting, I mean Qatar only occasionally flogs people, what’s the problem?! Why it’s QATARPHOBIC to object on such piffling grounds.  This straight guy just wants us hysterical types just calm down

Of course, it’s hardly alone. I’m amazed at the number of people jumping up and down every where I’ve seen this reported. And losing their ever loving shit that anyone would DARE criticise Qatar for extreme homophobia, including liberal spaces. Well I guess we know where we stand in their eyes – and how much value our lives have

The president of Fifa, Sepp Blatter, hearing complaints, predictably dismissed them by telling gays – “just don’t have sex” I kid you not. Faced with a gay people who are concerned about a nation that flogs, imprisons and deports gay people, this is the response from the straight authorities. Because it’s totally our fault, right? I mean if we’d just not be icky gays then all would be fine, right, Mr. Blatter? It’s all about sex, right? Icky nasty gay sex?

But hey, he’s concerned about prejudice – well, every prejudice but homophobia. And we’re just dealing with another culture! Screw the gays! They don’t want racism. They don’t want prejudice because of politics. They don’t want prejudice because of religion. Prejudice because of sexual orientation? Oh, he doesn’t mention that – and doesn’t give a damn about it, it seems. He’s sure there’ll be no trouble – not that the laws are changing or there are any guarantees. But hey, the straight guy is sure there’ll be no trouble!

He wants to open the game up to everyone of all culture. Just not to gays. Gays don’t count, don’t matter and our lives mean nothing. Not surprising, but infuriatingly typical. The joys of living in this straight world continue.

And you know what? This isn’t just about football or the damn world cup. This is about the world, AGAIN, saying that persecuting gay people is ok. This is about the world, AGAIN, validating and supporting homophobia. This is about the world, AGAIN, telling us that imprisoning and torturing people for being gay is OK. That’s not about football, it’s not even about one country – it’s about the whole straight world saying how irrelevant and unimportant the persecution of gay is even when taken to the utter extremes – in the straight lead world, our lives do not matter.

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Ok, the ONS has released statistics on most popular baby names in the UK. They do it every year, presumably because they’re so damned bored they have nothing better to do.

And they found that one of the most common names for boys was, apparently, Mohammed. *Shrug* Frankly I’m rather more disturbed by how “Oliver” and variations are becoming popular. Oliver? Really people, really?

Predictably the usual suspects are having the screaming meemies. The Daily Mail paused in their eternal quest to divide all the world’s substances into “things that cause cancer” and “things that cure cancer” to thoroughly lose their shit (I’m always amazed that the Daily Mail can completely lose their shit on a weekly basis, yet you open the paper and behold, there’s still a monumental amount of shit left) followed by the Torygraph running around with their hair on fire because ZOMG TEH MUSLIMS ARE TAKING OVER!

Right, some things to address here:

Firstly, as said extremely well here the methodology the usual suspects are basing their panic on is flawed in the extreme

But also, as touched on, let’s consider the name. It is an extremely popular name in the Muslim community, people have said that it’s traditional to name your first son that – I don’t know how true that is, but it’s certainly true that it is an extremely popular cultural name

Right, now try to think of an extremely popular traditional “British” name (ugh, as if Mohammed were somehow less British). I’m guessing most people instantly thought of something laughably outdated like “Henry” or “Albert.” There are some names that survive the test of time like James and Paul and Peter and Jack and Michael and Richard and – apparently, George and Oliver (really. Oliver. Oliver, people? George was bad enough – but Oliver?) but those names also have the rider of being considered “dull.”

In fact, dull seems to be something desperately avoided by many a new parent. Indeed, I sometimes wonder if we’re playing name-scrabble and seeing who can manage the most points with a treble word score if you manage to squeeze a “y” and a “k” into the name. Occasionally we’ll also get odd fashions that burn for a year or 2 then fall out quickly (there was a celtic name one recently – you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a Rhys – or Reese, Reece, Rhyes, evena  Rice at one time)

And I’m not saying this out of contempt or disapproval for these names (well, except Oliver. Really? Oliver? What were you thinking?) and I have nothing against little Ember Starsurge Mykynzie (vowels are so last century) Sparkletoes – but what I am saying is we’re dealing with 2 different trends with names.

One of which highlights and emphasises a traditional and highly respected name and uses it repeatedly – causing it to appear often (and this is by no means limited to Muslims, when visiting Portugal I was surprised to find whole villages that seemed to have 6 names repeated over and over and made heavy use of nicknames to differentiate)
And the other of which seeks “unique” names and will, inherently, avoid repetition of common, cultural or trend names.

Or, to put it another way – the number of kids named “Mohammed” in the country means sweet bugger all.

And really – this whole panic? Very unseemly to say the least. The desperate terror of the Muslims taking over is sickening to watch and, frankly, embarrassing. Yes, there are Muslims in the country. Deal with it – because this hair-on-fire Islamaphobia (and, let’s face it, racism – because you know they’re not picturing white people when they think of Muslims) is nauseating.

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It has been 12 years since Matthew Shepard died from being brutally attacked and tortured by homophobes What was done to him was horrific – so horrendous that it finally served as something of a wake up call. There was outrage, there was fury – and there was a great deal of grief.

People shouldn’t have to suffer like this just because they are GBLTQ. A 21 year old shouldn’t be tortured and killed because he was gay. Lives shouldn’t be cut so horrifically short because the person living them is not straight and cisgendered. It shouldn’t have to be said – but it CANNOT be said enough times.

And the reason why it cannot be repeated enough is because the lesson is not being learned. Because people are not listening to us.

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I sadly have some catching up on the news. As ever, quite a lot of depressing things that should not be forgotten – here we look at some media fails

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