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Ok this is a clone of my LJ because I'm paranoid like that :) While I do check updates here, I'm a bit slower at it than LJ. This is also likely to be less polished, less tagged and less edited. I see a lot more here:

Since I'm disorganised, most of my journals have ended up becoming this journal. Here is my comments on life, the universe and everything - lots of rants and musings interspaced with my random fiction that I update sporadically at best and tend to get distracted on.

I'm a gay lawyer with a strong interest in politics, books and certain addictive online games. I talk about all of these things at length (actually I talk about everything at length. If you're looking for brevity here is not the place to be). If you object, well, feel free. I could always use a giggle :)

Friends are often friended back if I notice I've been friended (no guarantee). Play nice :)
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