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So when we look at the big, dramatic (and typical) stories lately of religious bigots running their mouths with, frankly standard, homophobic bullshit – are we surprised?

When a pastor calls for gay kids
to be beaten
– are we surprised?

When a
pastor calls for us to be locked up in concentration
camps – are we surprised?

When a pastor calls for us to be
executed by the state
– are we surprised?

When church
goes teach their 4 year old child to sing homophobic
songs – are we surprised?

Why? All of this has happened –much as the straight world tries to erase history. It’s all still happening, for that matter. Why shouldn’t they feel like such language is acceptable? Have you read my “Bad News” lists? Take a moment, scroll through these horrendous lists – the Pope and many other religious leaders have said as bad in the past and likely will do in the future. Look at

Why shouldn’t they think this is acceptable discourse? Or, for that matter, why shouldn’t they think what they espouse isn’t acceptable policy?

Let’s make the root of homophobia clear: GBLT people are considered less than straight people. That is the root, the source of homophobia and we live in a homophobia society. In our society, the lives of GBLT people do not matter. I repeat, again, the lives of GBLT people do not have value. GBLT people are not considered valuable, real people. Our rights are less valuable, our personhood questionable, our humanity refused, our citizenship dismissible.

This is why, whenever we are murdered, we get the gay panic defence raised in court and it’s considered acceptable. This is why, when we die, the sentences are so weak.

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The Cost

May. 9th, 2012 11:27 am
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When I first saw this video on Monday it took me several tries to watch it through - and it/I wasn't pretty by the time it finished. On Tuesday I tweeted it but couldn't really do much more. I still don't really have words for this, the horror of it, the pain of it.

I did email it to my parents though, under the subject "Don't".
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So another bigoted arsehole has decided to open his mouth to defend poor oppressed Christians in the UK Who are being crushed under the “pink jackboot” and he needs to oppose the “Gaystapo”

Yes, Nazi analogies. I'm putting aside the malicious vileness of claiming GBLT people are oppressing Christians when Christianity is pushing so much homophobic and transphobic hatred because it's eclipsed by the sheer nauseating evil of comparing GBLT people to Nazis. And because he most certainly isn't the first Christian homophobe to use this comparison.

Firstly, and least importantly, Godwin's law exists for a reason. When you reach such levels of hyperbole, your point is utterly lost. Unless you are speaking about a fascist and oppressive government that brought war to much of the world while setting out to exterminate millions upon millions of people OR people who emulate and admire these vile people then it is not Nazi-like.

Secondly, and more grossly, GBLT people were targeted by the holocaust. The Nazis committed a ruthless, barbaric and sickeningly cruel genocide against GBLT people. One of many ongoing genocides I might add.

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You've probably seen this on twitter in the news or otherwise in the greater images that remind us what a sewer our politics are. But for those who don't:

Theresa May, our Home Secretary and Equalities Minister gave a speech trying to condemn and scrap the Human Rights Act (yes, our Home Secretary and Equalities Minister wants to scrap the Human Rights act. This should probably tell you a lot about her.) In this speech she said “The illegal immigrant who cannot be deported because – and I am not making this up – he had a pet cat.”

Except of course she did make it up, or someone did, because it's grossly untrue. Utterly utterly untrue. In no way, shape or form can you remain in this country when facing deportation because you have a pet cat. She was talking bullshit.

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The Uganda genocide bill is again raising its ugly head. I really do think this vile attempted genocide (and, let me be frank, this is more an escalation of genocide than imposing of a fresh genocide as Uganda's laws and policies are already genocidal) is going to keep raising up until enough people are looking the other way for it to get passed. It also has a chance of being passed soon – by the end of August.

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I imagine many people have seen the story of the life George Rekers ruined, but its a story I think everyone should see – and see how damaging ex-gay therapy is, how poisonous homophobia and how homophobic bigotry can be used to justify horrendous child abuse.

Kirk Murphy was a 5 year old boy who was considered too “feminine” and it was worried he would become gay. In fear of this oh-so-dreadful state, his parents took him to government funded “therapy” where he was “treated” by, among others, the now infamous “Can I lift your luggage” George Rekers.

The full post can be found on my blog click click
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Now, normally when I mention genocide when talking of this bill (or similar laws – or even the death of gay people in the damn holocaust which half the world seems clueless about and I have actually seen gay people chided for appropriating it, if you would believe) I usually get a bunch of cis, straight people jumping in to chide me on my over-dramatic or disrespectful language. My hyperbole. My ridiculously emotive and inaccurate word choice. Tut-tut, genocide, really, I'm going to go there? I'm going to use the big bad g word? How could I?

Well, y'know what, I want to ask why the hell the rest of the world ISN'T using this word?

Think about it. If we said a country was enacting a law where if you belonged to a certain religion/ethnicity/culture/people/nation/etc then you would be hanged – what would you call that? If they could prove your existence they killed you and the only way to avoid death is to hide the fact you belong to said group? Where people who sheltered you, or hid you or failed to report your presence would face death or imprisonment?

Because that sounds AWFULLY like genocide to me. I don't think we'd hesitate to call it that, not for one damn second. It's almost text book genocide, in fact.

The rest of the post in on the blog. Clicky clicky

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There's a lot of random rumours – let's just confirm it HASN'T gone away and it HASN'T removed the death penalty. It can still pass, it's still being debated and it still kills gay people.

It's always sad when gay rights are debated, sadder and horrifying still when they are debated going backwards - and worst of all when our very lives are up for debate and questioning – with the lives of so many innocent people literally hanging in the balance.

I urge everyone to contact their elected representative to protest this bill. I'm not sure what power internet petitions have, but heckling, poking and generally being a nuisance to your representative who at least has to pretend to listen to you, is usually pretty effective. At least as effective as we can manage

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Sometimes I think I’m innured to homophobia, I expect it, I’m used to it and when I read of it – well I have read of and seen it at its worst, I can no longer be shocked… and then…

Then we have the case of David Kato. He was a gay Ugandan man and an incredibly brave and dedicated advocate and activist for gay rights in a nation that won’t even grant GBLT people the right to live freely.

And he has been murdered. Beaten to death

Beaten death after he had to sue a newspaper, the Rolling Stone, for outing him and many other gays with captions like “hang them” attached

The paper printed an article outing him and calling for his death and now he has been murdered. The paper has no regrets

Already horrific beyond words and it’s amazing that the hatred can go further. But it can. The pastor at his funeral launched an anti-gay tirade at his funeral while he was being mourned, while those who loved him tried to bury him.

The villagers then refused to bury him. His friends, largely gay, had to take up the coffin so his funeral could be completed

I have no words for this. It’s evil,. It’s sick and it’s beyond enraging.

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February in the UK is LGBT history month. Now, as I’ve said before I have a lot of problems with various history months (and do let’s insert the snark about “shortest month” here), but one thing I don’t regret is the portrayal of LGBT people in education. Kids need to see we have worth, that we exist that we’re not aberrations or sins or diseased. And that’s doubly so for LGBT kids.

So, one of the best things that is happening during this month are lessons that have an LGBT slant. Lessons with LGBT themes, lessons so our kids can see people like themselves once in a very great while.

And of course the haters got to hate. The haters and the bigots cannot possibly allow any attempt to tell our children they have value or worth, cannot allow any attempt to try and reduce their pain or the appalling suicide rate that takes so many of our youth.

First we have homophobic conservative (oh I suppose the “homophobic” is redundant since I’ve already identified the Tory) MP Craig Whittaker who believes all these silly attempts to stop internalised homophobia, homophobic bullying and gay suicide are just “nonsense” And it would seem that Tory MP Richard Drax is not only a homophobe who agrees with such bigotry, but is also a coward since he instantly edited them away when it was noticed and tweeted Ah Tories, still trying to convince me you’ve changed?

And we have this poisonous bigot, Melanie Phillips from the Daily Mail – and do we really expect better from the paper of Jan Moir and her evil venom?

She is afraid that us gays have a “ruthless agenda” to destroy “normal sexuality” because you see we’re not normal. We’re freaks and diseased and other and corrupting the precious, proper, real straight people and their pure real sexuality. And of course telling them that gay people exist is an “abuse.”

See, telling a gay kid that they’re ok being gay and there’s nothing wrong with them? That’s an abuse. That’s child abuse apparently. Far better to wait until eh commit suicide – the Daily Mail and Melanie Phillips would much prefer that

Of course she thinks including non-sexual references to gay people in education is absurd. Absurd? Our existence is absurd?

No, do you know what is absurd? Her implication that being gay will become mandatory. That is beyond absurd. Seriously? Mandatory homosexuality? Everyone will have to become gay?

Really I can’t comment on the article, I cna’t. Reading it is nauseating, it is that bad – easily as bad as the evil flowing from Jan Moir

The Daily Mail is pushing new limits of hatred with this one.

Words cannot express how every little attempt to stop the suffering of GBLT people, especially our young, is met by such vehement opposition. It’s sadistic, it’s cruel and it’s evil

We know that the PCC won’t do anything after the Jan Moir debacle, we know the PCC supports and encourages homophobia. However, as in the previous trainwreck from this paper of hate, we can talk to the advertisers

Marks & Spencers

Are all advertising on this page. This is what their products are associating with – and they are places where my money will not go while they continue to support this evil

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It has been a while, but we, sadly, have another round up of hatred and bigotry from all sides as usual. The bombardment is everywhere, it comes in all sectors of society.

For a while I considered not doing these for the sake of the sporking, but I don’t want to run and hide far -it’s a bad habit that is steeling over me.


In the world of business and education

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The elected leaders of the world continue to wallow in hatred – it’s terrifying when you think these people are supposed to be leaders but have no problem showing their homophobic backsides


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We can never underestimate the power of the media and the damage the homophobia, prejudice and general fucked-up-ness of various celebrities. The damage these cause to hearts and minds unmatched

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Which brings us neatly to that paragon of hatred – organised religion.

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Lastly and most tragically – we have to look at the violence. The people hurt, the lives lost, the tears shed. I always insist these be linked with the above because they cannot cannot cannot be separated.

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Now I think i need to find a corner to gently weep in

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The UN General Assembly was voting on a resolution to ban extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

Or, to put it another way – the general assembly was voting to condemn killing people for shits and giggles. Note, this isn’t even a condemnation about the death penalty – just the death penalty being applied without even a pretence of justice (it doesn’t even require true or fair or real justice).

It included a non-exhaustive list of groups that currently face such arbitrary, extra-judicial murder on a grand scale. The resolution would have protected all people, this list merely highlights those that are especially vulnerable to such murderous persecution.
This included sexual orientation.

Note the past tense. An amendment has been passed to strip sexual orientation from the resolution. Because a resolution that calls for us not to be arbitrarily murdered is just too much to ask.

79 countries voted in favour of removing sexual orientation from the list. A further 17 abstained. Only 70 opposed the amendement

79 countries object to the ideas that we shouldn’t be murdered. A further 17 don’t give a damn whether we’re murdered or not. 79 countries felt the need to act to prevent the idea that our lives have value.

Life is too much to ask for from these nations. A statement against genocide just too strong for them to make.

The amendment passed because more nations in the world care about killing us for existing than care about even the most token attempt to acknowledge our lives are worth living.

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There is a very real cost to the constant dehumanisation of GBLTQ people – and frequently the ones who have to pay that cost are our young. In some ways, what really shows me the evil of the hate groups is how much they desperately fight and oppose us trying to save these kids – their true colours are plain to see

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Another unfortunate look at the forces of homophobia out there and the victims they leave behind. From politics to media to the church and the endless attacks on our children, our work places and our bodily integrity there seems to be no shortage of stories and I know I only scratch the shallowest surface

Around the world, politics continues to devalue, attack and destroy our lives.

In Georgia GBLT violence and discrimination is on the rise – fanned and encouraged by political parties using GBLTs as scapegoats and distractions and as a quick and easy way to garner support. You don’t need to focus on issues – just bash us and you’ll get the adulation of the masses it seems.

In Zimbabwe, two members of the gay rights group GALZ (courageous people to operate in such a virulently homophobic nation) were arrested. While both were later released – they say they were brutalised and tortured during their detention.

During the ongoing battles to stop the Uganda genocide law, many forces came out to distance themselves from it (oh no, rampant homophobia and religious hate can’t have been the cause! Certainly not!) Not the christian Family Research Council They actually paid $25,000 to lobby the US congress NOT to denounce Uganda’s kill-the-gays law. They spent this money to defend the execution of gay people.

How this group is not considered a hate group, I do not know.

But while we investigate why these aren’t a hate group, we could also investigate why Minnesota governor Time Pawlenty is considered human. He has vetoed a law that would allow gay people to have some say on the burial decisions of their deceased loved ones. Such a small thing to ask, such a desperate thing that is needed and he vetoed it.

The media is doing it’s normal sterling jobf ke oeping the flames of homophobia high.

CNN has again jumped into that wonderful media pit of Questions that should not be asked as it has before along with the BBC, the Sun and gods alone know how many others by asking (straight) people whether or not they agree with letting gay people visit our partners when they are hospitalised. Again, why is this debateable? Again, why are the whims of the public over such an essential need considered relevant? Again, why is disagreement with this presented as a legitimate, acceptable position?

Meanwhile McDonalds in France has produced a sweet advert about a gay kid eating at their ‘restaurant’. Now, I don’t find this unproblematic because I think the whole “come as you are” would work far better if it weren’t “come as you are… closeted.” Because I don’t think that is a great message – come as you are, in hiding, come as you are, but hide it, come as you are… but make sure straight people don‘t know, including your own father. Well, yeah, not an ideal advert. Still it is sweet and it is an actual gay person in mainstream advertising in a non-mockable manner which is pretty damn rare (now just waiting for a gay person in mainstream advertising without problematic elements).

Bill O’Reilly has also seen this advert. And he is not amused. He asks whether McDonalds is going to produce an advert including Al’Qaida members. Yes he just compared being gay to being a member of Al’Qaida. Yeah, I’d comment on that but I have to plant rainbow sparkly bombs somewhere according to the insidious gay agenda.

But hey, O’Reilly may be on some pretty strong reality altering drugs – afterall, he has just compared trans people to Ewoks. Ewoks. EWOKS? *boggles*

In Iowa, Rep Steve King in a great deal of frothing and raving about the legalisation of gay marriage – speaks of fathers marrying their sons and mothers marrying their daughters. Because, y’know, gay marriage is totally the same as incest, right? Oh and gay marriage will lead to more abortions… *thinks* *tilts head* *strains* nope, lost me there. I mean I’m generally able to run alongside wingnuttery but I can’t even begin to see how he’s coming up with that one.

Of course, our kids are still in the firing line.

China is worried about boys growing up without enough masculine stereotypes being shoved down their throats so has created a school for “sissies” To “toughen” the boys up and make them less “girly” with an extra side dollop of emotional repression. Well, I have to say, that’s an impressive amount of fail in one. What’s that? sexism, transphobia, homophobia, AND saddling kids with a big big big helping of issues and complexes for later life. Ok, anyone else competing in the “who can screw up kids the most?” game show?

Continuing the screwing over of gay teens that seems to be something of a habit lately, a Lesbian student does not appear in her high school year book she has been erased completely.

No look at the waves of homophobia out there can fail to take into account religious bigotry, alas.

And that includes when further harming GBLT children, a Christian group in Oakland is celebrating their victory – they have forced a school to withdraw it’s anti-GBLT bullying campaign. Because stopping kids being hurt is against their faith it seems.

The Catholic church, always to be relied upon for being an eternal source of hatred, of course gets a mention. See, the Catholic church has had to deal with the most horrific sex abuse scandal and is responding by asking questions of seminarians to weed out paedophiles (sounds about as useful as a chocolate fireguard to me since if paedophiles could be identified in a cripplingly awkward interview, paedophilia wouldn’t be much of a problem) Oh and the interview is also designed to find any gay candidates as well. An interview in response to the child abuse scandal that tries to weed out gay candidates. Gah, words cannot express how much the Catholic church is coming to disgust me.

Of course, one entry from the Catholic church would be an improvement over the normal amount of hate they bring, but no, there’s another. See, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is not happy about ENDA, not happy at all. So decided it was their Christian duty to appeal to congress to allow bigotry against GBLT people to continue. Be warned, the source is a Catholic news source.

And Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston has spoken on the recent exclusion of the children of lesbians from Catholic schools (personally, I don’t understand why any GBLT person would put their child into a situation that would indoctrinate such hatred in them). And he made an analogy to make his point – referencing a brothel owner who trafficked women in horrendous conditions that lead to some of their deaths.  That’s right, he compared lesbian parents with human traffickers.

And while we’re on the subject of religious bigotry – the Traditional Families coalition makes it clear why they’re so opposed to discrimination laws as if it were in doubt – religious business owners should have the moral right to discriminate against GBLTs. Why Rand Paul, you have a following, you do!  The minute you allow in “my religion says X” as an excuse to be a bigot then ALL discrimination laws go out the window – they all die because people can use (and have used) religion to justify any amount of bigotry.

Pastor Owens of West Virginia’s Shenandoah Bible Baptist church is taking some heat for his truly disgusting sermon, the audio tape of which was leaked onto the net Most providers take it down as soon as it appears because it is that disgusting. Dubbed the “hunt-a-homo” sermon, it says things like “we should burn fags not flags” and other such gems. Ye gods I wish I was making that up. The video is included in the link, it is EXTREMELY TRIGGERING!

Sadly, religious groups are a major source of bigotry world wide (though it’s rarely something we’re permitted to address given the large number of defenders and excusers organised religion’s homophobia has). In the UK, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey wants SPECIAL courts for cases when there is religious beliefs are used to promote and enforce bigotry against GBLT people he wants specially religiously trained judges to handle them – to protect the rights of poor poor Christians who want to oppress GBLTs.

In Dorset, UK a Lesbian couple has been forced out of the church one of them has attended for years. Told they may not ‘associate’ with each other. Callous and uncaring, though I expect little else

The leader of a Pentecostal church in Brixton, London has been comparing being gay top paedophilia and rape, fanning the flames of religious hatred against us. His “refutation” is that he is only upholds orthodox and traditional Christian beliefs. That is not a refutation. Not even close – an admission perhaps, but not a refutation

And all this comes with a further cost – the cost of violence and discrimination and fear and very real victims

In Paraguay, a young Lesbian on announcing she was going to move in with her girlfriend, was kidnapped and tortured – by her own family

In China, a lesbian tried to kill herself by swallowing pesticide because she was faced with a forced marriage to a man. This is the despair that homophobia drives people to

In Texas 2 gay men were attacked by homophobes yelling slurs and hitting them with freaking baseball bats as they left a gay bar.

In Minneaoplis 2 people were shot outside of a gay club.

In Ontario, a man who direcdted a play about homophobia was beaten in an anti-gay assault.

And in Seattle, a man has been arrested for hate crimes for harassing, assaulting and beating a trans woman in the street

Gay flight attendants working for the airline KLM have been refused in their requests to avoid trips to Iran. A country which, we must remember, imprisons, tortures and executes GBLT people. The company already allows some flight attendants to stay safe by avoiding the country and doesn’t want to extend it further. They can stay safe but gay flight attendants still have to go and put their very lives at risk.

But who do we rely on to protect GBLT rights? Well… sadly not a whole lot of anyone. Certainly not the UN which has finally blocked accreditation for The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission after 3 years of hemming and hawing. It seems too many nations are too vehemently against any idea of gay rights, there are just too many bigots and bigoted nations out there to allow us to be treated like people. of course, there never are and never will be any real action to try and push these nations to accept our humanity (indeed, no small amount of wailing and fury and defence at the very suggestion!) so our blood will continue to be spilled and generally ignored.

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And this is certainly one of them.

Clay Greene had lived with his partner Harold for 20 years. They were 77 and 88 respectively but, despite Harold’s frail medical condition, they still lived in their home together.

They were gay and they couldn’t marry. But they did everything it was possible to do under the law to protect their status as a couple. They did the legal paperwork, all the forms and red tape and hoop jumping. They did everything the homophobic law would allow them to do to be protected as a loving couple.

And it wasn’t enough.

Harold had a fall and had to be taken to hospital. And all that legal paperwork, all that love, those 20 years of living together was ignored.

Clay was not consulted about Harold’s care.

Clay could not see Harold in the hospital

They separated them, putting them in separate care homes

They treated Harold as someone who had no family – they went to court to try and make financial decisions on Harold’s behalf.

They called Clay Harold’s “roommate”.

They auctioned off Harold and Clay’s belongings. Sold everything the couple owned together, surrendered their home’s lease and consigned Clay to a nursing home.

Harold died in that nursing home, separated from Clay, his partner of 20 years.

I… have no words. I don’t understand how this could happen, how utterly cruel anyone could be to do this.

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The Day of Silence is today, 16th April. It is an effort to draw attention to the extreme problem of ant-GBLT bullying.

I have said so often that our young are extremely vulnerable. Homophobia is so ingrained in our culture as to be unavoidable – in the media, in our families and definitely in the school ground.

Growing up, I knew what gay meant, I knew what queer meant. They were insults. They were bad things. They were horrible things to be. They were guaranteed to start a fight. They were among the worst things you could call someone.

And I knew this before I knew what “gay” even meant. I knew this long before I realised that gay was me. How healthy do you think that is?

And it’s not changed. According to a survey of teachers I posted a while back 7-8 of the top 11 insults heard in the playground are anti-gay attacks. 8 out of 11 are BLATANTLY homophobic and the insults used most commonly.

What do you think this does to a child? To be belittled and attacked and demeaned every day? What do you think it does to them to live in fear of violence every day?

A 2007 study of students in the US found that almost 9 out of 10 GBLT kids suffered homophobic bullying. 60% were afraid to go to school. Closer to home, a study involving teachers in Liverpool found homophobic bullying to be a daily occurrence and “endemic.” This is not a small problem.

And to make it worse, who do you go to for help? Teachers are poorly trained to deal with homophobia to say the least  – when they’re not carrying their own baggage of prejudice to boot. It wasn’t that long ago when teachers weren’t even legally ALLOWED to confront homophobia – and still aren’t in some places.

And even if you can approach a teacher or a parent or a friend – they’re probably straight. And you’re probably outing yourself seeking help. That in itself is dangerous and terrifying – so many don’t.

This is why the day is important. Literally, lives hang in the balance. Because this abuse of our young has to stop and it has to stop now.

Of course, there are objections – from our friendly religious haters all swarming together complaining that, damn it, them GBLT kids don’t get bullied enough.

Various groups out there seem to have come to a conclusion – gay kids just aren’t getting bullied enough. The religious right is outraged that the Day of Silence exists, furious that the pain and suffering of our children isn’t being ignored

They have actually organised a Day of Silence Walk Out. Where they encourage parents to keep their kids away from school during the Day of Silence – just in case they learn that their fellow human beings deserve respect and protection even when they are gay

Joe.My.God has a list of groups that are supporting the bullying of GBLT children unsurprisingly, those who support the abuse of GBLT children are all Christian groups, showing the love and respect we have long since come to expect from organised Christianit.

Our children have a right to live, to exist and to be accepted as who they are. This cruelty has to end – and the evil of these groups for opposing it cannot be emphasised enough

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This post is about the Catholic child abuse scandal and their reactions, cover ups and defence of it. As before, this post has been cut to prevent triggering people

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Ok, are you trying to be FUNNY now?

I’m trying to cover other issues than the Catholic church scandal but every time I turn around there is more headmelting foolishness, stone cold callousness and frankly, just plain evil arising over and over again

Cut again for Triggers

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Post below has also been cut to protect those who may be triggered by the current abuse scandal in the Catholic church

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If I had to pick one issue above all others in the GBLT movement that I consider priority (not that I’m especially ready to do so because I think all the issues are vitally important and it’s a bad idea to privileged any of them above the others) then it would be the way society treats our young.

Our kids and teens are very very fragile. They often have no support nets – since the chances are their closest family will not share their marginalisation. In fact, family and friends can be a considerable source of stress, strain, privileged cluelessness and even hatred. They grow in a society saturated with negative messages, slurs, stereotypes and outright attacks and homophobia is still considered very acceptable in most places. Add in the closet and the difficulty in seeking help or connection with the GBLT community without risking being outed and a hefty number of normal authority/support figures being as clueless as ever -well, it’s a recipe for some very very badly hurt kids.

I’ve already linked about Constance McMillen who saw her school cancel the prom rather than let her bring a female date. Which was then followed byt the parents of kids at the school responded with a private prom – to expressly exclude her again

The same Itawamba school also kicked out trans student Juin Baize on his first day. Shockingly, the attention and discrimination cause him and his family to be asked to leave both his grandparents home and the home of friends they were staying with. I boggle at the idea of abandoning loved ones like that – I’d be shocked, but I’ve seen it too often. Details on how to help him can be found here

Unlike Constance, gay teen Derrick Martin WAS allowed to bring his male date to the prom at Bleckley County school in Georgia. Good news indeed and something to celebrate… except…

Students have protested against ALLOWING him to bring a male date to the prom. They’re having a protest because one of their classmates isn’t closeting himself.

And if that wasn’t bad enough all the attention this story has received have caused his parents to decide to… kick him out. Words cannot express how disgustingly shameful this is or what an utter betrayal that is of their son. Their own SON?!

With stories that are that deeply unpleasant it comes almost a relief to report on that perenial favourite - a college professor deciding to refer to the Bible rather than a text book in class. Which of course included lots and lots of homophobia (how come when these religious extremists decide to shove their faith into other people’s lives, it’s never to show love, compassion or peace? Why is this I wonder?) Words, of course, cannot describe how deeply unpleasant that is for any gay students stuck in his lectures – to say nothing of the danger of hatred being spread from supposed academics and authority figures.

Again and again I say – leave our kids alone. The damage this does is incalcuble to say nothing about how fragile our kids can be. I am and cannot be other than in awe and fiercely proud of kids who stand up for themselves in these difficult conditions. But they shouldn’t HAVE TO BE! Constance and Juin and Derrick should not have to be heroes, they should not have to be brave. They should not have to be courageous and proud and strong just to attend school, college and its rituals like every other teenager.

They are incredibly brave, strong people and great fighters – but it’s grossly unfair and unbelievably wrong that they have to be and that they have to fight for what should be theirs by right


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