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So Sao Paolo has decided that it's vital to have a Straight Pride parade legally recognised. I raise an eyebrow in surprise because I thought it already was straight pride day on that date. For that matter, it's straight today as well! Congrats!

And it was yesterday.

We also have straight pride scheduled for Tuesday.

In fact, it's every day. 365 days of the year. One long celebration of straight pride. Hey, and you know on our Pride days? Well our Pride tends to be one parade, it tends to be surrounded by a whole buncha straight pride.

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The Uganda genocide bill is again raising its ugly head. I really do think this vile attempted genocide (and, let me be frank, this is more an escalation of genocide than imposing of a fresh genocide as Uganda's laws and policies are already genocidal) is going to keep raising up until enough people are looking the other way for it to get passed. It also has a chance of being passed soon – by the end of August.

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For the first time, The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution specifically aimed at affirming the rights of GBLT people

No, it's not an enforcement, and no it doesn't promise action. But it is starting a commission to look at anti-GBLT violence and discrimination. It is the first time when our persecution will actually be looked at – and looked at as persecution

And we finally have an unequivocal statement from the UN that we have right and we. Admittedly such statements rarely achieve a great deal, but it's important nevertheless. We live in a world where we can very easily die if discovered across much of the globe. Not only that, but we live in a world where persecution of us is not only regarded with indifference – but it is regarded as moral, good, laudable and even something to encourage.

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Moscow Pride has been banned year after year and this year was no different – despite Moscow being happy with “kill the gays” rallies

This year the European Human Rights Court ruled against Moscow's ban. They were ignored – shall we see how toothless such discounting of GBLT people's human rights is?

The march went ahead because they are incredibly brave people who refuse to accept homophobia and are passionately dedicated to equality and combating hatred. I cannot express how brave these people are

UK gay news has a great summation of various events that took place

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There is another round up of bigotry, persecution and general evil fuckery on the blog

I compile these because often with this crap there's little to say beyond what has already been said. But I do think it sends a message to collect it. And I make no claim that i've collated even 1% of all the crap out there - I have not, not even close. But I feel seeing several of these items together, in groups is helpful to show patterns. This isn't isolated, they arne't oddities - these are trends, tropes and eternally reocurring badnesses

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Now, normally when I mention genocide when talking of this bill (or similar laws – or even the death of gay people in the damn holocaust which half the world seems clueless about and I have actually seen gay people chided for appropriating it, if you would believe) I usually get a bunch of cis, straight people jumping in to chide me on my over-dramatic or disrespectful language. My hyperbole. My ridiculously emotive and inaccurate word choice. Tut-tut, genocide, really, I'm going to go there? I'm going to use the big bad g word? How could I?

Well, y'know what, I want to ask why the hell the rest of the world ISN'T using this word?

Think about it. If we said a country was enacting a law where if you belonged to a certain religion/ethnicity/culture/people/nation/etc then you would be hanged – what would you call that? If they could prove your existence they killed you and the only way to avoid death is to hide the fact you belong to said group? Where people who sheltered you, or hid you or failed to report your presence would face death or imprisonment?

Because that sounds AWFULLY like genocide to me. I don't think we'd hesitate to call it that, not for one damn second. It's almost text book genocide, in fact.

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There's a lot of random rumours – let's just confirm it HASN'T gone away and it HASN'T removed the death penalty. It can still pass, it's still being debated and it still kills gay people.

It's always sad when gay rights are debated, sadder and horrifying still when they are debated going backwards - and worst of all when our very lives are up for debate and questioning – with the lives of so many innocent people literally hanging in the balance.

I urge everyone to contact their elected representative to protest this bill. I'm not sure what power internet petitions have, but heckling, poking and generally being a nuisance to your representative who at least has to pretend to listen to you, is usually pretty effective. At least as effective as we can manage

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Sometimes I think I’m innured to homophobia, I expect it, I’m used to it and when I read of it – well I have read of and seen it at its worst, I can no longer be shocked… and then…

Then we have the case of David Kato. He was a gay Ugandan man and an incredibly brave and dedicated advocate and activist for gay rights in a nation that won’t even grant GBLT people the right to live freely.

And he has been murdered. Beaten to death

Beaten death after he had to sue a newspaper, the Rolling Stone, for outing him and many other gays with captions like “hang them” attached

The paper printed an article outing him and calling for his death and now he has been murdered. The paper has no regrets

Already horrific beyond words and it’s amazing that the hatred can go further. But it can. The pastor at his funeral launched an anti-gay tirade at his funeral while he was being mourned, while those who loved him tried to bury him.

The villagers then refused to bury him. His friends, largely gay, had to take up the coffin so his funeral could be completed

I have no words for this. It’s evil,. It’s sick and it’s beyond enraging.

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It has been a while, but we, sadly, have another round up of hatred and bigotry from all sides as usual. The bombardment is everywhere, it comes in all sectors of society.

For a while I considered not doing these for the sake of the sporking, but I don’t want to run and hide far -it’s a bad habit that is steeling over me.


In the world of business and education

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The elected leaders of the world continue to wallow in hatred – it’s terrifying when you think these people are supposed to be leaders but have no problem showing their homophobic backsides


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We can never underestimate the power of the media and the damage the homophobia, prejudice and general fucked-up-ness of various celebrities. The damage these cause to hearts and minds unmatched

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Which brings us neatly to that paragon of hatred – organised religion.

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Lastly and most tragically – we have to look at the violence. The people hurt, the lives lost, the tears shed. I always insist these be linked with the above because they cannot cannot cannot be separated.

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Now I think i need to find a corner to gently weep in

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Today is World AIDS day. Now normally I don’t have much truck with special days for various reasons (which I will get into another time), but like in many things I am driven to talk about this because of anger.

To me, AIDS is very much a thing of anger. It’s a thing to be utterly enraged about beyond all reason.
AIDS is a story of human failing. It’s a story of human prejudice and bigotry and callousness and ignorance and dogma and cruelty. It is a story of how humanity failed.
When AIDS first arrived it appeared in marginalised areas. It spread in Africa which has never managed to hold the west’s attention for any great lengthy of time, it was written off as one trouble among many troubles, not worth any special attention.
And in the west it arose among drug users and gay men. People who, let’s be brutally frank, the powers that be were merrily happy were dying in droves.

And as the infections spread and the death count mounted the powers that be didn’t care. Because they didn’t care about who was dying. Because they were happy they were dying. Because it was something to celebrate, because it was a social cleansing. Because it made the world better that these people were dying. And the ignorance and the fear and the loss continued and the powers that be, in their prejudice – didn’t care.

And, of course, it raged beyond what anyone could have imagined. Encouraged by ignorance, unrestrained by any kind of real intervention, suddenly we had an epidemic, a pandemic, an oh-shit-what-is-this-emic.

But it was too late. We’ve let bigotry and ignorance reign for too long. Now any attempt to combat AIDS was seen as a “gay issue” and was fought by the usual suspects – people who found hatred and prejudice more important than saving lives or stopping an ever increasing plague. It is clear we’re still very stuck on the idea of AIDS as a gay disease. Various blood banks around the world still refuse blood from gay men – regardless of their circumstances, because gay = AIDS while straight = safe. We still have such luminaries as the head of the Catholic church in Belgium calling AIDS “justice”.

The rhetoric of AIDS = gay is so ingrained in our discourse that it’s impossible to see a straight person with AIDS without looking for a gay man to blame – even when we talk about souring HIV infection rates among black women we’re looking for a gay man who is causing this! Because it’s easier to believe that isn’t it? Easier to blame someone, easier to pretend you’re safe because you’re straight, easier to make it a gay issue and part of the “special rights” easier to shuffle it under the rug

Of course, fighting HIV/AIDS in the gay community is repeatedly hampered by the undying homophobia that is still happening – so long as people feel the need to hide, so long as people feel the need to lead double lives, so long as people are afraid to go to clinics or to doctors for fear of being outed or for fear of people learning, so long as people are driven into the shadows and the corners of the world and so long as people are repeatedly told that their lives have no value, can there ever be any cure?

And around the rest of the world, dogma and ignorance and cruelty still rules. The Catholic church has the blood of untold millions on their hands for their stance on condoms – a stance they are only now, grudgingly, weakly stepping away from (now becoming the poster child for “too little too late”). Again, ignorance and prejudice abounds, in countries with genocidal policies where being gay carries a prison sentence or worse, you inevitably end up with an under-society that is ideal for spreading disease, with no support or education or help. Scam artists are marketing everything from vitamin C as a cure for AIDS, to sex with a virgin (gods there are still no words for how awful that is). The plague has reached such proportions and such panic that there is even actual denial of the causes and realities of it, doubts that it’s linked to HIV, the peddling of fake cures, anything to stick the head in the sand a little longer and pretend this isn’t happening.

How much of this would have been dispelled if, when the disease first became apparent, there had been a very real effort to examine and educate it? How much of this ignorance and foolishness would have lasted if our prejudice and arrogance hadn’t caused us to ignore it?

Just what kind of golden opportunity did we shit all over in the past?

And further, people living with HIV/AIDS have to deal with the fallout – not just of health, but of attitude.

It enrages me that still today HIV/AIDS is seen more as a failing than as a disease. It enrages me that the language of talking about HIV/AIDS is still the language of blame and stigma. It makes me wonder that if the disease in the west have broke out among a privileged group – or, let’s be frank, if it had been straight western people who were seen dying in such numbers – we would be saddled with this language of blame and shame and shunning?

People living with HIV/AIDS are treated like modern day lepers, despite their having every chance of lead long, fulfilled and wonderful lives. The stigma has lead to treating them like walking bombs, weapons just waiting to go off, a threat to everyone around them

I can’t talk about HIV/AIDS in anything like a calm, rational manner, it is just a subject of so much rage. It is one of the grandest stories we have of human failure in the world today

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We’ve seen the monumental awfulness of the UN not being able to condemn the random murder of GBLTQ people – we also get to see the World Bank deciding to endorse and fund… Ex Gay Therapy Yes, in a world wide recession the World Bank has time and funds to funnel resources into ex-gay – no, I’m not calling it therapy, I refuse. The systematic destruction of the souls of gay people.

2 female high school students in Oklahoma are being prevented from graduating because they are a couple. You’ve got to give a special prize to this quote “It is the policy of the Mid-Del Public School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs, services, and activities,” because all it does is highlight they have not anti-GBLTQ discrimination policy.

Apple seems to be censoring the word “gay”

In the UK we have a Christian homophobic couple who are fighting for their right to foster children – and traumatise them if they happen to be gay can you imagine what it’s like to be a gay foster child – likely already having had some awful experiences – being placed with this couple?

Also in the UK christian doctor has been fighting what she calls is discrimination against her. See, she’s supposed to vote on whether couples can adopt or not – only she demands to sit out or vote against allowing gay couples to adopt – for being gay Doctor, you’re not being discriminated against because of your religion – you’re being fired because you not only refuse to do your job, but your prejudice and refusal to look past it makes you UNABLE to do your job. Oh, she doesn’t feel she’s homophobic. Well she totally can’t be then, right? *eye roll*

She is not the only christian wailing how the big bad gays are oppressing them. Leading Anglican bishops are also upset at those nasty nasty gay rights laws preventing them being persecuting bigots won’t someone PLEASE think of the bigots?!

And the Catholics have to get in on some of that action – Cardinal Biffi believes homosexuals are going to be persecuting christians Let me find my violin. It may take a while, it’s damn damn small.

And on the subject of the Catholic church, well they’re always providing a chapter or 2 in the eternal list of hatred, don’t they? A catholic church in Minnesota deleted pro-gay op-eds in their student newspaper in response to the vile anti-gay dvd the catholic church sent out

The head of the Catholic church in Belgium says AIDS is justice for gay people Because all AIDS victims are gay and all gay men are AIDS victims?

Christian Pastor Joel Osteen goes on The View (gods I am hating that show) to spread some homophobia about the place

Croatian football is under threat! A desperate and horrific threat will tear down the very pillars of the sport! THE GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS! Croatian football president says there is no place for gays in football see, only “normal people” play football. Football official Zdravko Mamic doesn’t want the gays either – gays do ballet, not football it seems (allow me a moment to giggle uncontrollably at the idea of me ballet dancing)

Football is also under threat in the US, where a teen was banned from playing because he was wearing PINK SHOES I… yeah. I have no words. Especially since they were a gift and linked to breat cancer awareness – not all things pink are gay *eye roll*

I have been painfully relishing the action various forces have been taking to try and give some hope and support for GBLTQ youth. Our hands are often tied and there’s certainly no magic bullet – but doing something to help, some reaching out would have meant so much to me back in the day.

Tory councillor Chris Windows disagrees. in fact, he thinks Sir Ian McKellan visiting schools is “disturbing.” Mr. Windows, if Sir Ian McKellan arrived at schools buck naked riding a horse bareback waving a very large sword, I would not find it remotely as disturbing as you and your ilk.

In another stunning display of compassion for our hurting youth – Focus on the family, the christian hate organisation continues to loathe the Day of Silence decency, they would not even see it with a telescope.

I wish they were alone. Some straight students have decided the best way to respond to “Spirit Day” is to wear ’straight pride’ t-shirts. With bonus Bible quotes that threaten death to GBLTQ people

In Wisconsin a female student was punched and called an anti-gay slur for wearing a “legalise gay” t-shirt

In Colorado a student had to fight to be able to wear her “immoral” pro-gay t-shirt is there any wonder our kids have problems?

A taxi driver in Nova Scotia, Canada, informed his lesbian passenger by announcing that all gays should be shot – including her

In Ontorio, a public Library balks at gay publications on the shelves

A Mexican gay couple are treated like several kinds of shit in a Canadian immigration detention centre where they are claiming asylum

A trans woman in New Jersey has lost her job and her home due to the transphobia of her boss and landlord

And of course there’s always the violence…

Polish gay rights activist Robert Biedroń was arrested and beaten by police and the arrest was… dubious to say the least

In London 4 men stabbed a man 12 times because they believed he was gay

In DC, a man was beaten by a man screaming anti-gay slurs

In San Diego a man was beaten and his attackers screamed homophobic slurs… not a hate crime apparently if this isn’t a hate crime then… what would count?

In Colorado a man was beaten by a gang yelling anti-gay slurs
And in the “is this supposed to be good news” section?

The Mormon church has declared that gays aren’t inherently bad and evil. We don’t need ex-gay therapy – we just need to be celibate! YAAAAAAAAAAAY, they’ve reached the same level of acceptance as the Catholic church. Excuse me if I don’t jump for joy.

The Gibraltar supreme court is talking about equalising the age of consent. Yay progress? I know yes it’s progress, but srsly? I wish I could say they’re alone but they’re not. Guernsey only equalised the age of consent in March. That’s March this year. The Isle of Mann equalised in 2006, Jersey in 2007. I’m not going to celebrate that it took until halkf way through the first decade of the 21sttcentury before British dependencies decided to do something this amazingly basic

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The UN General Assembly was voting on a resolution to ban extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

Or, to put it another way – the general assembly was voting to condemn killing people for shits and giggles. Note, this isn’t even a condemnation about the death penalty – just the death penalty being applied without even a pretence of justice (it doesn’t even require true or fair or real justice).

It included a non-exhaustive list of groups that currently face such arbitrary, extra-judicial murder on a grand scale. The resolution would have protected all people, this list merely highlights those that are especially vulnerable to such murderous persecution.
This included sexual orientation.

Note the past tense. An amendment has been passed to strip sexual orientation from the resolution. Because a resolution that calls for us not to be arbitrarily murdered is just too much to ask.

79 countries voted in favour of removing sexual orientation from the list. A further 17 abstained. Only 70 opposed the amendement

79 countries object to the ideas that we shouldn’t be murdered. A further 17 don’t give a damn whether we’re murdered or not. 79 countries felt the need to act to prevent the idea that our lives have value.

Life is too much to ask for from these nations. A statement against genocide just too strong for them to make.

The amendment passed because more nations in the world care about killing us for existing than care about even the most token attempt to acknowledge our lives are worth living.

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Hate speech is one of my main beefs. I believe it is the foundation on which discrimination, prejudice and violence is built. These things do not happen in a vaccuum -they happen because there are people, organisations, the media and authority figures giving their consent and encouragement with their hateful words and bigoted speech.

I very much believe this is the basis for so much of the badness we face

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Proposition 8 – it has been overturned.  And Judge  Walker’s ruling, from what I’ve read of it, is a thing of beauty. Yes yes it is.

The singing, dancing and general leaping for joy in my RSS is a thing of joy to behold.

Naturally it will be appealed – but in that lies some hope itself. A beautiful step forwards – keep on hoping.

Let the partying commence!

And review again why the trial was almost comedic Such a wonderful summation

In fact, let’s have more of that :)

Hmmm sweet sweet schaudenfreude. Where’s that pie recipe? Nom nom schadenfreude pie.

In Mexico, Mexico City’s gay marriage law was also being challenged in court – and it reached all the way to Mexico’s Supreme Court.

Which upheld the law Oh I love the smell of justice in the morning.

Justicia has been smacking ‘em down lately :)

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Argentina has signed and enacted their gay marriage law Another step forwards, another victory :) Nations that don’t recognise our marriages are looking increasingly more pathetic with every victory won. And another reason for me to do my happy dance.

Following up from the disgraceful way that Sonoma County, California, treated Clay Greene, the surviving partner of Harold Schull we finally see some degree of justice. The country will pay $600,000 in compensation, the home $53,000. There is no way that anyone could adequately compensate Clay Greene for what they did to him – but it’s something and some confirmation that what was done to him was wrong. Perhaps best of all, the county is retraining their workers – hopefully they’ll have a clue, an ounce of compassion and some basic human decency next time.

In Maine a gay man has won a discrimination suit against his employer, Express Jet Airlines that passed over him for promotion because he was gay. Congratulations to him, I know from experience these cases are damned hard to prove (at least if your employer tries to be at least a little subtle about it)

Similarly, in New Zealand a school has been forced to pay compensation to a gay sports coach they fired… for being gay. In addition the board members of the school will attend courses that will hopefully give them a clue.

In France, a gay man who was forced to pay inheritance tax on the home he inherited from his deceased partner has been reimbursed. This is the problem with half measures and patchwork laws about marriage – because people are so desperately concerned about us terrible gays sullying their precious precious hetero marriage.

Arizona, as I previously mentioned, decided to revoke the benefits it had given to same-sex partners working for the state – along with the protections and anti-discrimination provisions they had won as well. While it still remains bvery very wrong, a judge has ruled that deciding to address a budget shortfall by specifically targetting partners of gay employees but not straight ones is wrong (who’d have thought)

There’s a lot of bad out there – but there are victories. Victories we need to hold on to and remember – because we will win this, damn it.

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In South Africa, a man has been charged with raping a lesbian – to “correct her” the blight of “corrective rape disgust and enrages me beyond measure

In Iran a gay man who worked for the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees tells us how he was brutally attacked and raped by the Basij. Rape is a common and horrendous tool used in hate crimes and it is too rarely talked about.

In Dubai, a gay student has been convicted and sentenced to prison for 3 years. He is asking to be kept from the general prison population

In Cameroon, 2 men have been imprisoned… for being gay this comes, ironically, after the country protested at the UK allowing a gay asylum seeker from Cameron remain because of persecution – they wish to assure us that gays are not persecuted in Cameroon. They probably also wish us to know that the Pope actually ISN’T Catholic, and bears use urban public facilities and would never dream of defecating in any woods.

In Rwanda, as presidential elections approach, arrests of GBLT people are increasing following a disturbing rise and trend towards homophobia in the country

In Iraq, the government backed persecution of GBLTs continues, with the raid of a beauty parlour and the arrest of 5 gay men. The men were brutally beaten and one had to be removed on a stretcher. The US and the UK reminaly largely indifferent about the persecution of GBLTs in the country we have “liberated”.

In Helsinki, the Pride Parade celebrations there were disrupted when bigots launched a pepper spray attack on the marchers. It is important to remember that even Pride is not safe – but that’s a lesson we have learned so many times before. 3 men have since been arrested

In Bradford, a mob of 15 people attacked a gay couple. 15 people grabbed make-shift weapons to attack a gay couple. There is still so much reason to fear.

In Atlanta a gay couple were attacked by a gang of youths, including one who held a gun to one of their heads. The same park saw a previous anti-gay murder before

In New York a gay couple were attacked by a group of teenagers using anti-gay slurs

Also in New York, Driton Nicaj who attacked 3 gay men last year, causing some of them severe injury. His sentence? 21 days.

In Spain Jacobo Piñero, a man who stabbed to death a gay couple 4 years ago, stabbing them 57 times and setting fire to their flat is now working free as he cannot be detained without charge any longer. Why was his trial a shambles and a new one planned? Because his “gay panic” defence was accepted.

There is some deeply depressing news about hate crimes statistics in the US on Pam’s site

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The bigoted governor of Hawaii, the vile excuse for a human being that is Linda Lingle, has decided to veto Hawaii’s civil union law. Even separate, not equal half measures are too much for her. Words cannot express my loathing and contempt for bigots like this woman. But she has gone on to compound her bigotry by deciding to compare gay civil unions to – incest. This woman is beneath contempt and her bigotry inexcusable.

She is joined in hate speech by New Hampshire GOP congressional candidate Bob Giuda. He believes that gay marriage is akin to bestiality. Men and sheep, women and dogs apparently. Why are such vile, bigoted scum given any platform, let alone have any kind of chance to get into office? What truly hateful person would vote for these excuses for humanity?

And yet more – Georgia GOP Gubernatorial candidate Karen Hendal hates gays and our families and certainly wants us away from children. Why? BECAUSE, that’s why!

New Jersey GOP Rep Chris Smith isn’t happy with keeping his bigotry local, oh know. This man is working to block the UN from recognising The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (which has been battling for years against a homophobic UN for recognition and the importance of its work) More hateful bigots working tooth and nail to kill and maim us for the sake of their religion.

The Pentagon is showing more of its dedication to removing (or not) DADT – with a new survey for soldiers about those SCARY GAYS! The survey is a trainwreck. It’s really horrible, I cannot imagine how anyone could have produced this survey and not realised how utterly wrong it is

In response to the wonderful Supreme Court asylum decision in the UK, we have had the usual homophobic suspects opening their mouths and letting the vileness fall out. Queen of homophobic bigots, retired Tory MP Ann Widdecombe chief among them of course. She can always be relied upon for her hateful venom As for the Press? I have no words, I really don’t.

Prison staff in Dartmoor prison are causing concern by being overtly homophobic. GBLT prisoners are among the most vulnerable – and make up a disproportionate amount of the prison system as well. Being  victimised in prison is common for GBLTs – further victimisation from the staff is further hell to them

Tories have investigated a homophobic Tory Councillor using slurs against gay people and decided that it wasn’t homophobic. Why am I not surprised? Tories, same old same old. And LGBTory will continue to play excuser and enabler for them. Betrayers the lot of them and shame on them all.

In Canada a landlord is fighting a legal battle against the Human Rights Commission because he doesn’t want to rent to gays I have not the words. He made this couple homeless simply because they were gay.

A pro-family Christian group has leaped merrily into the realm of hateful ridiculousness by not only comparing gay marriage to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill – but also saying that gay marriage is WORSE damn, and I thought the pope was ahead on comparing us to major disasters

South African homophobe Jerry Matjila objects to the protection of gay rights – because acknowledging we’re oppressed somehow makes other oppressions less real or important. But I expect little better from the UN Human Rights Council.

These words cost. They cost lives, they cost rights and they cost me no small number of grey hairs. But it’s best to listen to what they say – so we know what we face


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