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Dear Sparky
Check your calendar. Your deadline panic was entirely your own fault, missing a week was silly. Now you have had no sleep and are grumpy.

Dear Secretary
I know my deadline panic was all my own fault. Thank you for telling me. And again. And again. And again. BTW I’m going to ask the nice computer people to electrify your chair for me.

Dear Senior Partner
This client wants me to meet him in LEEDS?! Do they not have lawyers in Leeds? Is there a shortage or something?

Dear Client
It was 2:30 when you asked me to be there for 3:00. Let me check where I left my pocket teleporter

Dear Petrol Station
£1.20 per litre. I’m buying petrol, not cocaine! Never mind nectar points, I want Microsoft stock.

Dear Lorry Drivers on the M62:
Ok, have you been spending your petrol money on narcotics? Why are you blocking ALL three lanes and trundling along at 40 mph?

Dear Roadwork men on the M62
Come back in Summer. I may not be driving here then - and if I am at least you’ll be shirtless and sexy.

Dear Client again
I’m sorry, I think I must be going deaf - and possibly blind. Because you DIDN’T just look at your watch and say i was late, did you? Not since I was there 15 minutes before I said I’d arrive? So you can’t have said that - because that would have been stupid and I would have fed you to the Hounds.

Dear Person trying to be Polite
Yes, it’s customary to thank someone when they are courteous to you on the roads. Yes a light flick will do - no turning on the full beams straight into my eyes was quite unnecessary. I’ll be sure to write “you’re welcome” on my gravestone.

Dear Colleagues mocking my Car.
Yes, I can afford a more expensive than Betsy. Yes, she’s old, very old and not particularly shiny. I can afford a “better” car? Really? Define “better?” Because she gets me legendary fuel efficiency, has a great driving position, is extremely comfortable, very manoeuvrable and, despite being in my possession for 5 years now, has never failed an MOT or needed to spend an hour in the garage (all being well!). Please to be defining what could be better than this?

Dear Beloved
You are not allowed to find any of this funny. You can keep the coffee coming.
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Yes, it has been a while since we went out and did something.

Yes it would be nice to do so

No, we can't tonight. The new patch has been released. Yes that's important. Yes it is. Yes yes it is. No, really, it is.

I know the patch will be there tomorrow. So will you. Did you have a point?

No we can't go tomorrow, we may have to finish the raid then. Friday's good. I can squeeze you in on Friday.

No, you can't be spontaneous and romantic on patch day. Not even if it's special. Not even if it's a ticket to Paris (I hate Paris) or a round the world tour. OR anything. Not ev... ok, if you DO get Orlando Bloom tied to my bed I may reconsider.

I'm sure speculating about addiction is very profitable - but not on patch day. Not unless you want me to make a replica of Frostmourne and insert it somewhere

No, that wasn't an innuendo

Yes, it could be an innuendo but not on patch day.

No, you do not want me to choose between Arthas and you. No no you don't.
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Ok I've seen some bad applies but if your apply is:

dk lf invite:

pve blod dk i have duel spec to uholy-frost pvp .im realy want invite .

Then you probably won't be accepted. It's actually genuine!

I am stunned

He didn't even include his NAME!!!!
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*le sigh* inevitable whenever someone leaves the guild, is kicked from the guild or otherwise has a problem with the guild within a day of their leaving the public part of our forum is spammed with happy fun messages like “This guild sucks, it’s run by a fag” and other variations of such wonderful pleasantries. No references to AIDS spreading through the guild yet though, but hey ho, early days I may have that to look forward to.

At least when they whisper me in game abuse I can put them on ignore (and report them to a GM for the GM to... well, ignore. As they have multiple times before)

I really want to take a few days off from this. I'm feeling down, burned out. The same old insults and words that are thrown 100 times are getting to me, the horror stories in my RSS are bringing me down, the same old arguments with the usual suspects and an ever growing crop of new ones are bringing me down and I've been told I've been "whining" about gay rights so many times in the last week it's not even funny (I count 4 so far). I'm sick of being called "fag" sick of being called angry and hysterical and emotional, sick of the stereotypes, sick of the 'jokes,' sick of being called a sex fiend, a hedonist and generally just sick of it.

Heh and I log on WoW to avoid it all and it's there as well. I need some time without having to deal with this - well until Monday then there's work with the senior partner issues and the lovely LOVELY clients and their wonderful views.

Ignore me for a bit folks, I'm getting maudlin.
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Yes your mana regen got nerfed badly. No I'm not sympathetic. Your mana regen was broken and wrong before and you loved it. It was literally impossible for you to Oom - now you come crawling for my mana tide. Oh this is sweet.

Rather than complaining about how us Shammies got buffed (OOOOH YEAH we did. Thank you Blizz :P) you could ask our ADVICE. Because, the way I figure it, we're about in the same place now. Our crits restore mana (and don't kill my mana regen if I don't refresh Water Shield) but not THAT much and we can't rely on replenishment 100% any more

The only reason us shamans are rocking the oomage and laughing at you is because we've ALWAYS geared assuming we're going to have mana problems. Suck it up and join us with the mp5 loving.

To add: I know, I know, pure int is STILL probably the way to go but we're a very casual guild and don't nitpick our raids much and... sad though it may be to say... we do NOT always have replenishment. In fact we have 1 {inactive} shadow priest, 3 Retridins (all on holidy}, our locks are affliction and our hunters are mm (and though all have dual spec, all prefer THIS spec) and are frost mages even remotely viable any more?) Anyway I can't rely on replenishment and don't want to - I don't want to ASSUME a certain buff will be there.. we just can't work like that
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Wowish but not very - anyone can understand.

A while ago we have a prot warrior called E in the guild. While he wasn’t officially main tank (we don’t recognise any such position and rotate our tanks for equal experience etc) but he was the best geared and (if I’m honest but I’d NEVER tell him) the most skilled so when it came to a new or extra difficult fight, he would be the one who tanked it. He also, for a time, occupied the post of Warrior class lead and one of our officers under me and S.

N was another prot warrior and quite active. N & E were often the tanks in any 25 man raid. N’s skills were pretty low, but E gave him a crash course and really improved him.

Fast forward and E has various RL issues and couldn’t play as much, he also caused some drama llamas with it, borrowing money, going inactive, saying he was coming back, then not, having dramatic hissy fits if enough people didn’t express their grief stricken horror at his departure then having a bit more drama because ZOMG the guild kept going when he left rather than collapsing without his specialness. Eventually he emailed us telling us he had sold his character and wouldn’t be playing WoW any more (in vaguely insulting terms). We removed his characters from the guild because we don’t approve of account selling (apart from anything else we have to change our rank and loot system for them and we end up with a skill-less face roller trying to play a level 80 character).

We continue for a little and E contacts us saying he wants to come back. We’re reluctant because he was a bit of an arse, but his friend is in the guild and is a REALLY important and valued member and (politely) asks if we could bring him back at least probationary. We agree.

E, because of his break, is now rather under geared. We can’t rotate him into main tank in 25 man Ulduar without making it more difficult than it should be. N now carefully and kindly explains every new fight to E and generously passes on off loot in a very paternalistic fashion. There was a vague suggestion of a tps competition (which we sat on - we hate guildies competing with each other).

They’re both writing a guide to warriors on our forum, both replying with more details and more info, it’s auto, one replies, the other will find something trivial to add. Ah, late teenage males, don’t you just love ‘em?

Sparky: Y’know they could both unzip and measure to see who has the biggest cock and be done with it.
S: It’d be easier if they had antlers
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On the PTR you can buy many items. To buy Paladin tier 9 there are 2 vendors - one for Horde, one for Alliance.

Champion Isimode

Commander Faesrol

BWHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! *dies*
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I play World of Warcraft. It is known. I am the co-GM of social raiding guild (we kind of straddle the weird line between hardcore raiding and casual playing. Yes it’s weird. Basically we raid often as a GUILD but it’s not always the same people and if people only want to raid once a week or once a month or, hell, never want to raid, then we have them in the guild and have fun with them along with those who raid every day we have raids). We’re also a pretty big guild. This makes for a lot of time and effort from the officers.

Now to finally saunter up to the point. beloved was bewilderedly amused (albeit not critical, he knows better) of how excited we get - me and all my guys on vent - when we first downed Vezex, when we took Assembly of Iron hard mode, even when an extra shiny piece of loot drops.

My first instinct, of course, when seeing a non-WoW addict watch me cheer and celebrate pixel-death, is probably what most WoW players feel - embarrassment, trying to downplay the reaction, etc. But why should I? I mean, I see sports fans play or watch football and their5 enthusiasm over a goal mystifies me. One of these days I expect to see footballers humping on the pitch after a goal celebration (well, more hope than expect. :P) if it’s expected and acceptable for people to cheer and leap out of their seats screaming because someone has successfully kicked a ball between 2 posts then why shouldn’t it be acceptable for me to punch the air and yell “YES, PWNED! Gieb mah shinies!” when we tackle Hodir hard mode?

Besides - given the time and energy I put into WoW, surely it would be more depressing if I WASN’T excited and enthusiastic about playing? Dedicating that much effort to something that brings me no joy would be crazy.

So yes, WoW is one of my joys. It’s my hobby and yes I get excited and enthusiastic about it. Yes, it’s only pixels and “doesn’t matter” but nor does a football or tennis match. I‘m not going to be ashamed just because my hobby doesn’t have that level of PR and social acceptability.

Wow Rantage

Jul. 2nd, 2009 03:17 pm
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Blizzard, I love WOTLK on many unnatural levels, but this is beginning to irritate.

First and foremost - Vault of Achavon. I hate this. I hate this place more than words can describe. I hated it before but now I hate it 10 times more since you NERFED Emalon (YE GODS, WHY?! Why not just replace the whole damn raid with a BIIIIIIG button that drops free Tier 8.5 on face-rollers?)

Seriously, we have alts in the guild I would be wary of taking to Naxx, who are so poorly geared I would giggle at them asking to come to a Malygos raid - but they have got tier 8.5 gloves. 8.5 gloves Blizzard. They drop from Mimiron. Y’know? The guy that causes PTSD on all raiders that try him?!

And that’s from the pve perspective. I can’t imagine the pvpers are any happier at seeing some power levelled, ebaying noob running around with Furious Leggings of Pwnage that dropped from your free epic giver.

Dropping the highest level gear from a boss that makes PATCHWORK and RAZUVIOUS look challenging is more than a little annoying.

And now the word is that badges of conquest - with which we can buy runic orbs and tier 8.5 - are going to drop in Heroic Instances?! What are you smoking?! You’re completely devaluing the higher end instances! It’s getting ridiculous and very annoying. I remember a sense of achievement and sparkly happiness in my tier 6 - and double that for my tier 3. But tier 8.5? Donald the Facer-roller can get tier 8.5

And while I’m at it - while I agree some things in Ulduar needed.... adjusting (Ignis the first time we went in was obscene) the repeated layered nerfs that followed were silly. Razorscale and Deconstructor and Assembly all had multiple nerfs - AFTER we killed them and were a little bemused as to WHY you nerfed them. We one shotted Razorscale the first time we fought it - and then it needed nerfing? *is confused.* I suppose it’s one way to make Vault of Achavon more fair - nerf Ulduar to the same level. Please please please don’t.

While I’m on the rant - can we have more raids? I don’t mean higher raids - I mean equal raids. In TBC raids came in pairs. You had Gruul/Magtheridon, Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep and Black Temple/Mount Hyjal. It worked. It meant you weren’t spending all week, every week in the same damn raid time and time and time again. I like that every raid has a 10 man version now - but between the 10 man and the 25 man you can get miiiiighty sick of Ulduar (and Naxx for that matter).

*has finished ranting for now*


Apr. 21st, 2009 12:23 pm
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There needs to be a nod towards the new WoW patch because it is shineh.

Dual speccing is extra-shineh

The new raid? Is a whole new level of shineh. It's also visually stunning. Since Northrend Blizz has really got themselves so genuine artists for their stuff - because it's BEAUTIFUL

The new Argent Tornament thing? Well it's fun - but my canon-loving-head is having trouble understanding it. The Argent Crusade weants to find worthy champions to fight the Scourge?
The Scourge are an endless legion of undead setting out to kill us all and make us into more undead. You do not get to be picky about who you get to fight that, little Paladin. Do you know who's worthy to fight the Scourge? EVERYONE WILLING TO DO SO!!! Even if that's a farmer dual-wielding chickens that makes a disturbing bock-bock-splat sound when he fights!

And how do we prove ourselves worthy? You give us a horse and a lance and send us jousting (and we'll ignore for a second that, as a Draenei, I have an Elephant and a Mamoth and no puny human on a horsey is going to worry me, no matter how big his stick is. Hells, I have a dragon I can ride as well, the lance is kinda redundant)? Now this may have worked in medievel real world... but in WoW I have an issue:

Paladin: BEHOLD champion! Take your lance, go forth and prove yourself worthy to fight the Scourge!
Mage: Why are you giving me this stick?
Paladin: So you may vanquish the undead!
Mage: Or I could, y'know, fireball them?
Paladin: No, take the lance.
Mage: But but... I can throw fire from my hands! I can call ice from the sky!
Paladin: Doesn't count - you must learn the art of the lance!
Mage: I can INCINERATE all undead within a 20 yard radius with 2 spells and you want me to POKE them with a STICK?!
Paladin: yes, yes we do.
Mage: *burny burny*

Despite this, the mounted combat is still kinda fun :)

And to the players:
"Waaaah Ulduar is hard. Blizzard has gone over the top!"

Oh dear, memories are short. Let me prompt them a little.

Right, when the flashbacks have finished you can get back off the floor. Not convinced? Ooookaaaaaaaaaayyyy...

Ah, look at all that Tidewalker twitching, there goes a few months of therapy bills. Wait there's more.

Oh Astromancer, still have the ability to make them foam at the mouth, how i miss that. Are we convinced? Do i have to even MENTION Kael'Thas and Vashj? Really?

Right. Naxxramas was ridiculously easy. Malygos hardly challenging and Sartharion was, at best, middling. Compared to Illidan and Brutallus and Archimond and Kalecgos they're nothing. Now, Ulduar has come out. In TBC standards it should be on par with Serpentshrine Cavern or Tempest Keep. You're whining after the second wipe? It took us 3 days of constant wiping to finally kill Leotheras and it was WEEKS before we could guarantee that he wouldn't just mince us all. Gods, it took us a dozen wipes to bring VOIDREAVER down, even Lurker wiped us his share. But suddenly Razorscale kills us and you're all whinging that Blizzard has gone over the top?

In a month you'll be whining that there's no challenge and nothing to do again. Enjoy it while it lasts. I know I am
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Wow Rambling follows.

Father Tol eyed the drake nervously. He couldn’t imagine riding the Emerald creature but he knew it was the key to defeating ley Guardian Eregos, master of the Occulus. He exchanged nervous looks with Imrah, the Night Elf’s eyes the only thing visible behind his thick, plate helmet.

“No, we can‘t be having with any of that.”

Father Tol blinked at the master strategist, General Achievement’s words.

“The Green Drake will help heal us, General.” Tol ventured.

“No, no, take another Bronze Drake, there‘s a good fellow. We won’t be needing Green Drake.” The General scoffed.

“We’re doing this without any kind of healer? Even though there’s one here? Provided?” Imrah yelped

“Yes. We’re going this the ACHIEVEMENT WAY! Tally ho!” Sang the General.

Nicken raised his hands, arcane magic flaring around his fists - a barrage of arcane missle flew towards the undead Nerubian.

“NONE OF THAT!” Roared General Achievement, knocking the mage’s hand away.

“But it’s a Guardian! It is protecting them with a shield!” Nicken pointed desperately at Ozone the Rogue, his daggers harmlessly glancing off the shield around Elder Nadox. Imrah was desperately trying to hold a swarm of invulnerable insects off Brother Blod before the Paladin was overwhelmed.

“Bah boy, you know nothing of tactics, my plan is to ignore the only enemy we can actually hurt and wait longer until we can hit the rest!”


“We’re doing this the ACHIEVEMENT WAY!”


Brother Blod stared with determination at the fallen pile of bones just waiting to leap up into unholy animation. The Frost Dragon, Sapphiron, the last guardian before Kel’Thuzad himself.

“Sapphiron dies today.” The Paladin muttered, eyes alight with fervour.

“Yes he will, Borther. Especially with your holy aid.” General Achievement boomed.

“Indeed, my Sister Lola and I have the power of the light within us. We can protect you against frost.” with a prayer a shimmering blue aura settled on the raid, shielding them from the icy cold.

“None of that! I meant you’d be healing a lot. This cold hurts don’tcha know!”

“But General,” Sister Lola protested, “He is a frost dragon. All of his attacks are cold attacks, why not use our protection?”

“Because we are doing this the ACHIEVEMENT WAY!” Roared the General


They were there, Kel’Thuzad in their sight. The most powerful Arch Liche on all of Azeroth, master of Frost and Undeath... Eagerly the raiders gathered around their leader... General Achievement as he explained their master plan.

“Now see here you people, I want you all to gather up in a tight group - all of us must be within 10 yards of the tank. He will call shadow auras on the ground, it’s vital - VITAL - at that moment that you all use the /dance emote. Now, has everyone got their 12lb catfish to hold in their offhand?”

“Sir, this is insane.” Imrah growled.

“Of course it’s insane, boy. This is the ACHIEVEMENT WAY!”

I’m not against the achievement system per se. I actually like it. I like a recording of what we’ve managed. And an achievement to show you managed it with SKILL like Make Short Werk of Him (kill Patchwerk in 3 minutes) or Intense Cold (avoid Keristraszas’ frost aura stacking) or the Safety Dance (everyone surviving Heigan), no-one crossing the streams on Thaddeus? Definitely. I am all for it. An achievement that is actually an achievement? That shows you’re skillful and pro and good - definitely.

But an achievement that shows you’re very very stupid but maybe have great gear? Not having a frost resistance aura on Sapphiron? Not taking a Green Drake against Eregos? Not stopping Grand Widow Faerlina’s Enrages? Not killing the Guardians on Elder Nadox? That’s not an achievement - ignoring basic tactics isn’t an achievement, it’s blithering stupidity. Yay you got an achievement because you didn’t bother to cleanse poisons, shatter frost blocks or use your basic abilities? Yeah, we slap guildies for slacking like that!

It vexes. Yes, I know the content is limited at the moment, but expanding the content by convincing us to do raids we’ve cleared - but with extra stupidity? No thanks. I don’t want to spend half the night fighting a raid boss using a deliberately stupid tactic just so I can get the Suicidal Fish Slapper achievement.
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Have I ever mentioned how much the expansion rocks?

There is PLOT again. Actual plot and storylines! Arcs and canon and it's oh so wonderful. I have a little geeky squee every time I meet a dragon aspect (Beloved despairs. Yes yes he does)

And it's pretty. REALLY REALLY pretty. It's visually STUNNING

And the cutscenes. The Wintergarde defender quests? AWESOME. Literally seat rivetting.

And the phasing thing? Great great great great idea.

As for the guild. Well, on day 3 of WOTLK we, the GMS screamed "NO MORE DAMN DEATHKNIGHTS!" because everyone and his pet monkey wanted to have one. Of course, the novelty has worn off and we're now recruting them because DKs rock muchly (huge dps and offtank for Gothik? Give!)

Our progress? Well, we're none casual, fun guild without strict raiding requirements or rules :) so we're not among the top on the server and wouldn't want to be. We're fun, not hardcore

10 Man Naxxramas CLEAR
10 Man Obsidian Sanctum CLEAR
25 Man Obsidian Sanctum CLEAR

Though we have yet to kill Heigan with more than 5 guildies left alive.
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I have Wrath of the Liche King

There will be nothing but WoW until my characters hit 80. Yes I am obssessed.

But - first impressions?


Seriously WOW

This game is visually stunning. It is beautiful. The terrain, the instances. I'm staring at my screen, awe inspired by the beauty of it.

Secondly, the quests are interesting, fun and funny (especially DEHTA) a hundred percent improvement over tbc :) I is a happy happy man
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Now for some drama and a look for second opinions

Drama that took place in WoW but can really be understood by all and the WoW isn’t really the integral part.

Read more... )

So are we reading too much into it? Are we just oversensitive? Or was our first "WTF?" reaction accurate?

Read more... )
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The diary of the zombie apocalypse

Day 1: Zombie apoaclypse? Hee that's fun. And funny. I love it.

Day 2: Ok it's kinda fun, quite love it

Day 3: Well it is new and different...

Day 4: *sigh* just once I'd like to log on and NOT be dead from zombies

Day 5: Whoa? Where's the auctionhouse NPCS? Damn it I have things to sell!

Day 6: Right, is this Black Temple raid ready to go? WHat, ZOMBIES?! NOOOOOO! (yes, some damn ZOMBIES did more damage to us than ILLIDAN managed)

Day 7: (seen in General) EVERYONE OUT OF SHATTRATH THE ZOMBIES HAVE TAKEN OVER (upon arrival I find that the Shttrath npcs have been decimated and staying in the city for 5 seconds will result in infection)


Grrrr. The novelty has worn off. Can we please be stopping now?
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Ok this patch? More than kinda rocks. I love what you've done to the spec trees. I love that classes are all using rotations rather thans just spamming the same abilities (our Destruction warlocks hate you, btw). I'm not madly keen on buffs being unniversal and not stacking (I can make a raid of nearly ANYONE now and I don't have to fiddle to make the groups perfect - and I liked organising 25 guildies so the best groups lined up!) but it is interesting (My totems are now GODS! GODS I SAY!) Stormwind harbour looks soooo shiny and achievements are such a great idea! My old raids will count for something even if it's for epeen! In general I'm loving this patch, yes yes I am.

But what the hell have you done to the bosses? Alright, I know you want us to see Sunwell before the expansion - but we killed Mother Shazrah with NO SHADOW RES GEAR OR BUFF. Seriously, that should not be possible. Really. We've cleared Black Temple, if we go to Illidan on Sunday and kill him as if he were Attumen after all those weeks of whiping then that's going to be hella depressing. But I think we will, from what I've seen. Why don't the bosses just commit suicide as soon as the raid shows up and hand out the shiny epics?

Ah well, I suppose it's only until WOTLK, but it still kinda bugs me.

My main, the Resto Shaman is extremely happy with the patch. Earthliving weapon and Riptide? GODLIKE! Totems working on the whole raid? FEAR HIM. But why why why why can a Gruul equipped Holy priest now heal him into the ground? He used to be the best healer in the guild by a good 4% margin - only resto druids challenged him. Now a noob holy priest can leave him standing?!

My first alt, the Feral druid tank is loving the infinite target swipe, the feral charge in cat form, the berserk and many other talents that are just LOVE. Really LOVE. Infinite mangles! However he would like to know what the hell you've done to his armour, 'kay thanks? Because I've lost 10k armour. That's not good. Really not good.

My second alt, the Gnomish fire mage says... well, not much. He's running round in circles singing and dancing and screaming "BURN!" at regular intervals. But I think that this rather ridiculous crit chance is going to make him the biggest agrowhore in the guild (instant pyroblast on consecutive crits? OH MY GODS). And I've always argued with the warlocks that fire mages have the best Aoe. Now? I think we can forget the argument. I win.

My third alt, the Retridin/Protadin is just sat in the corner with a nasty little smile on her face. When asked to comment she just says "bring it." because DAMN!

Does the fact I have 4 BT level characters mean I play too much WoW do you think?

Is there such a thing as too much WoW?
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Sadly it's WoW humour and only players will likely get it... But it has taken me 10 minutes to post this because I keep getting so creased with laughed I fall out of my chair.

What talent trees should really be!


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It's related to WoW but not really a WoW issue.

See, our guild has an odd leadership at present. The GM, for various reasons, logs on once a month, if that. After much wrangling the guild is actually run by the three officers: S, L and I (errr, letter initials make it hard - by I, I mean ME). Of the three S and I do most of the guild running (promotions, demotions, raiding etc) while L, the tech wizard, sorts out vent, forum access etc but isn't too active in game. There are then a few Deputies who hold the fort and handle various issues, lead the odd raid etc, but most of the admin and running falls into S's and my hands.

Our guild is friendly, non-hardcore, 90% pve, but nothing forced and no quotas or demands or anything. Generally casual and not needing much screaming and emo-ness. Dictates from on high are not the order of the day nor are much chewing out and drill sergeanting. It's just not the way we are. Of course you have to ask people to do stuff sometimes - like can you please be quiet on vent while we explain the tactics, the loot is going here because of the following rules, we're going to organise this raid today, no you didn't get in the raid because X number of people signed before you and you're not a speshul speshul snowflake who should get ultra priority. No, we can't go to that raid today because we don't have a tank and can't pull one out of our arses (though it would be a nice feat *STRRRRRAAAAIN* oh look! A Dwarf Warrior! Thank gods it wasn't a Draenei!)

Generally this goes fine. I say "look it's like this..." people listen, say ok, grumble a little then say ok.

Now here's the problem. That is how 99% of the guild react to me 80% of the time. But not everyone does the same with S. In fact S gets twice the grief with people bitching and moaning and, more often, ignoring S constantly. In short (and to sound much more hardcore than we actually are) they give S no respect despite the huge amount of work S puts in to the guild. L gets more respect and he's hardly online, let alone matches what she does. So does C, S's closest DEPUTY.

Why is this? Well, I can't say for certain, but here's a possible hint - S is a woman. L and C (and obviously me) are men. It's the only thing I can think of because she gets the same treatement from most the other members of the guild as I do - just these odd individuals. Which leaves us witha question of what to do.

Personally I'd slap down or kick them - but S doesn't want to kick them because they are GENERALLY good people, good players and generally good fun - so long as S doesn't want them to do anything.

As to slap down... well, I want to smack them about and tell them S deserves better and when they pull shit like this where I can see it I want to ride in and ask what the problem is and why are the giving her so much grief.... but how can I? I mean, I want they shouldn't give her grief and they should respect her because she works hard for the guild, she puts in the effort, she's smart and clever and a damn good leader and an officer an generally deserves it. They shouldn't respect her because Sparky, a man, has told them they have to.

Which is the problem. If I go in their haddocks swinging, Equally Large Python (heeee) trained to kill and Hounds a-growling then even if they do behave and stop giving S a hard time it will be because I have said so, not because it is what she is due.

So how does a man intervene to make other man give a woman the respect she deserves WITHOUT that respect only stemming from the man's intervention?
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We have another debate caused by a new resto druid to the guild and all the druids musing on the spec he is rather evangelical about. Basically, the ever popular Dreamstate spec

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Aaaaand a rant against the new guildie who got kicked after 2 weeks and then asked why

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Ok, the debate rages and everyone still refuses to see that I am right :p

Let’s talk dps warriors - arms/fury or any combination of the 2. We are sadly glutted with the damn things and I say sadly because I really really don’t see the point of them. No-one has ever successfully told me why I should want a dps warrior over any other dps - they always give me 2 answers:

The first is the most pathetic: “They do good damage.”
Well duh. They’re dps. That is what they do. So do rogues, mages, warlocks, feral and balance druids, hunters, shadow priests, shamans and even Retridins (well, kinda). That is what dps classes do. I don’t notice dps warriors doing significantly more damage than the others (though threat? Threat they have in spades!) But all the others come with something else - buffs, conjured items, crowd control, interesting debuffs, back up healing - y’know, something. The dps warrior? Doesn’t. Not really.

The second false reason: “We’re tougher than other dps.”
Ok, again kinda. They are tougher and that matters... in a normal instance. Or maybe some of the easier heroics. In a raid? Honey, you can flounce away with your shiny metal armour because if you’re not a tank the mobs are going to cut through you like a hot knife through butter anyway. Saying “hey, we’re as fragile as wet cardboard” IS technically better than saying “we’re as fragile as wet newspaper” but when High king Maulgar’s trying to demonstrate his skills as an interesting new kitchen utensil on your sorry corpse it doesn’t make that much difference.

Can I also get a great big “Die in Fire” for prot warriors who respec fury AFTER we’ve dragged their useless metal arse up and down Karazhan a thousand times to get them good tanking gear?

Can I make that fire a little bigger to fit in all the other dps warriors who INSIST they’ll respec prot as soon as they get the gear, need on all the gear and are STILL waving around a damn double handed whammy sword of extra agro-doom?


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