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It's been a little while again. I haven't really had the time or the energy or the strength to compile one for a while. And compiling them takes some time since it's not something I can really do in one sitting

But, I do think they're imporant, so after much wrangling I finally got it together

Full list below with all the usual badness one would expect

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It has been 12 years since Matthew Shepard died from being brutally attacked and tortured by homophobes What was done to him was horrific – so horrendous that it finally served as something of a wake up call. There was outrage, there was fury – and there was a great deal of grief.

People shouldn’t have to suffer like this just because they are GBLTQ. A 21 year old shouldn’t be tortured and killed because he was gay. Lives shouldn’t be cut so horrifically short because the person living them is not straight and cisgendered. It shouldn’t have to be said – but it CANNOT be said enough times.

And the reason why it cannot be repeated enough is because the lesson is not being learned. Because people are not listening to us.

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And, from hate speech we move on to it’s child – the discrimination

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And, inevitably, the violence

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I sadly have some catching up on the news. As ever, quite a lot of depressing things that should not be forgotten – here we look at some media fails

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In South Africa, a man has been charged with raping a lesbian – to “correct her” the blight of “corrective rape disgust and enrages me beyond measure

In Iran a gay man who worked for the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees tells us how he was brutally attacked and raped by the Basij. Rape is a common and horrendous tool used in hate crimes and it is too rarely talked about.

In Dubai, a gay student has been convicted and sentenced to prison for 3 years. He is asking to be kept from the general prison population

In Cameroon, 2 men have been imprisoned… for being gay this comes, ironically, after the country protested at the UK allowing a gay asylum seeker from Cameron remain because of persecution – they wish to assure us that gays are not persecuted in Cameroon. They probably also wish us to know that the Pope actually ISN’T Catholic, and bears use urban public facilities and would never dream of defecating in any woods.

In Rwanda, as presidential elections approach, arrests of GBLT people are increasing following a disturbing rise and trend towards homophobia in the country

In Iraq, the government backed persecution of GBLTs continues, with the raid of a beauty parlour and the arrest of 5 gay men. The men were brutally beaten and one had to be removed on a stretcher. The US and the UK reminaly largely indifferent about the persecution of GBLTs in the country we have “liberated”.

In Helsinki, the Pride Parade celebrations there were disrupted when bigots launched a pepper spray attack on the marchers. It is important to remember that even Pride is not safe – but that’s a lesson we have learned so many times before. 3 men have since been arrested

In Bradford, a mob of 15 people attacked a gay couple. 15 people grabbed make-shift weapons to attack a gay couple. There is still so much reason to fear.

In Atlanta a gay couple were attacked by a gang of youths, including one who held a gun to one of their heads. The same park saw a previous anti-gay murder before

In New York a gay couple were attacked by a group of teenagers using anti-gay slurs

Also in New York, Driton Nicaj who attacked 3 gay men last year, causing some of them severe injury. His sentence? 21 days.

In Spain Jacobo Piñero, a man who stabbed to death a gay couple 4 years ago, stabbing them 57 times and setting fire to their flat is now working free as he cannot be detained without charge any longer. Why was his trial a shambles and a new one planned? Because his “gay panic” defence was accepted.

There is some deeply depressing news about hate crimes statistics in the US on Pam’s site

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In Georgia 2 marines have been arrested for beating a gay man in Savannah. The victim is still in hospital after suffering 2 seizures during the attack. But but of course

They have been charged with… a misdemeanour. But it’s possible federal hate crimes charges may be brought since Georgia has no hate crime law.

Of course the attack was justified because it’s alleged the victim *gasp* WINKED AT THEM! WINKING people! Why, in such circumstances why wouldn’t you beat someone into unconsciousness and leave them with bruises on their brain and needing CPR from their friends?! Words cannot describe how sick I am of the “gay panic” defence. In light of the horrendous charge of winking Col. David Robinson would like you to consider both sides of the story. So hey, at least they can rely on their commanding officer to try and defend the beating of gay men into unconsciousness.

Of course, it is bound to be connected to some degree to the whole debate about gays in the military (yes, that debate that shouldn’t be happening because it is inherently homophobic and over done) but the mayor of Yuma, Arizona has already made up his mind.  Making it clear that: “I cannot believe a bunch of lacey-drawered, limp-wristed people could do what those men have done in the past.”

No because violent bigots do a much much better job than “lacey drawered, limp-wristed people” right?

Of course, he is a mayor in Arizona, which does seem to be trying to set records for being objectionable out there.  And governor Jan Brewer has heard the word of God and used the powerful position that god put her in (is Arizona a theocracy now?) to revoke rights for domestic partners of state employees and their children. That’s unmarried heterosexual couples (who, in her godly mind, should get married) and gay couples (who, of course, aren’t allowed to get married). Is there an award for most objectionable state? Between the “show your papers” immigration rule and the “you have an accent, get out them schools!” and now this – Arizona seems to be aiming for gold.

But, back to the soldiers. How can gays be allowed in the military? Don’t you know that gay sex is… TERRORISM! Yes, the American Family Association, holding on to its good Christian values, would like you all to know that gay sex is domestic terrorism! But hey, they also would like everyone to know that Hitler was gay and recuirted gay soldiers because us gays know no limit on our “savagery”. Considering the number of homosexuals who were killed in the holocaust – well, words cannot describe how offensive this is

And of course Janet Porter is being, well Janet Porter. That woman is almost a stand up act, she’s so out there

Sadly, hate crimes and attacks are not limited to Arizona. An assault on a gay teen in Illanois was actually recorded by the attackers and posted on Youtube.

In Washington, a dispute over a trailer goes the way of hate as one man announces he’s going to get his gun and go “{anti-gay expletive} hunting” ah, just like that pastor who wanted to have “fag burning” and “hunt a homo.”

A man left a pride parade in Albany only to be found with life threatening injuries (he has now been stabilised) and is currently being investigated

In London, a gay couple was attacked with slurs and violence riding on a bus threatening them, attacking them and causing one man to need 8 stitches

At least there is some justice. The murderer of 79 year old gay man, Edward Highworth known for helping the homeless has been found guilty – despite AGAIN the raising of the gay panic defence. He has been gaoled for 23 yeats

In Vancouver a gay couple has been attacked and bitten one of the victims had to be hospitalised and have staples put in his head.

And homophobic hate crimes in Canada are increasing – doubling in fact (though we can hope it is better reporting) and hate crimes against homosexuals, primarily gay men, where more likely to be violent. Better reporting or not – we know that most hate crimes go un-reported.

In Dubai, a man found with a bra offered to take a “gay test” to defend himself from prosecution. He was cleared of cross-dressing “charges” since the court couldn’t prove he was wearing the bra.

Sadly, the prejudice behind all of this violence continues. In addition to our friends in the AFA and the ever eccentric Janet Porter, Pentecostal and evangelical churches are still engaging in highly damaging gay exorcisms despite the pain and damage this causes to people – especially the young and vulnerable

In Virginia Michael Moore (not that one) was fired. He was fired because he was gay. The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management  confirmed this. His appeal has been refused. There is no legal protection in Virginia for discrimination against GBLT people. And, as ever, the court and powers that be avoided the elephant in the room – the fact that anti-gay discrimination is so often religious based. But time and again we’ve found that that is a conversation we cannot have, a point we cannot make and a battle we’re not even allowed to fight – let alone get close to winning.

In New York, the GENDA bill to protect trans people from discrimination, was defeated/ I can only agree with Senator Thomas Duane, calling his fellows “a cesspool of homophobia and transphobia”

A catholic newspaper for the Archdiocese of Boston published a column saying we shouldn’t allow gay kids in catholic schools because they might BRING PORN! ZOMG no, PORN PEOPLE! PORN! Well, I don’t know about you guys but I always took porn to school. Books? Check. Pens? Check. Calculator? Check. Hardcore porn? Check. Because I’m sure EVERY gay schoolkid is just happy to carry gay porn around with them.

But of course, because gay people don’t breed (apparently) we’re INHERENTLY pornographic, don’tchaknow. Oh and gay parents shouldn’t be called parents unless biologically related to their children, apparently. Why would such bigots be allowed to be part of the adoption of ANY children?! Oh the Catholic church, it never changes.

Gross homophobia in sports continues sadly

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, Rep Michele Bachman (she who makes Janet Porter look almost reasonable) praised a Christian rock band that will appear at a GOP convention. The band calls for the execution of gay people

And yes, equally unsurprising, the bigots are already threatening Iceland with another volcano eruption. Because their evil hate-deity is going to cause untold pain and suffering with a mega eruption because gay people love each other (and I’m not even going to link to James Hartline’s blog, it’s bad enough I saw the re-tweet of his vileness).

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Another unfortunate look at the forces of homophobia out there and the victims they leave behind. From politics to media to the church and the endless attacks on our children, our work places and our bodily integrity there seems to be no shortage of stories and I know I only scratch the shallowest surface

Around the world, politics continues to devalue, attack and destroy our lives.

In Georgia GBLT violence and discrimination is on the rise – fanned and encouraged by political parties using GBLTs as scapegoats and distractions and as a quick and easy way to garner support. You don’t need to focus on issues – just bash us and you’ll get the adulation of the masses it seems.

In Zimbabwe, two members of the gay rights group GALZ (courageous people to operate in such a virulently homophobic nation) were arrested. While both were later released – they say they were brutalised and tortured during their detention.

During the ongoing battles to stop the Uganda genocide law, many forces came out to distance themselves from it (oh no, rampant homophobia and religious hate can’t have been the cause! Certainly not!) Not the christian Family Research Council They actually paid $25,000 to lobby the US congress NOT to denounce Uganda’s kill-the-gays law. They spent this money to defend the execution of gay people.

How this group is not considered a hate group, I do not know.

But while we investigate why these aren’t a hate group, we could also investigate why Minnesota governor Time Pawlenty is considered human. He has vetoed a law that would allow gay people to have some say on the burial decisions of their deceased loved ones. Such a small thing to ask, such a desperate thing that is needed and he vetoed it.

The media is doing it’s normal sterling jobf ke oeping the flames of homophobia high.

CNN has again jumped into that wonderful media pit of Questions that should not be asked as it has before along with the BBC, the Sun and gods alone know how many others by asking (straight) people whether or not they agree with letting gay people visit our partners when they are hospitalised. Again, why is this debateable? Again, why are the whims of the public over such an essential need considered relevant? Again, why is disagreement with this presented as a legitimate, acceptable position?

Meanwhile McDonalds in France has produced a sweet advert about a gay kid eating at their ‘restaurant’. Now, I don’t find this unproblematic because I think the whole “come as you are” would work far better if it weren’t “come as you are… closeted.” Because I don’t think that is a great message – come as you are, in hiding, come as you are, but hide it, come as you are… but make sure straight people don‘t know, including your own father. Well, yeah, not an ideal advert. Still it is sweet and it is an actual gay person in mainstream advertising in a non-mockable manner which is pretty damn rare (now just waiting for a gay person in mainstream advertising without problematic elements).

Bill O’Reilly has also seen this advert. And he is not amused. He asks whether McDonalds is going to produce an advert including Al’Qaida members. Yes he just compared being gay to being a member of Al’Qaida. Yeah, I’d comment on that but I have to plant rainbow sparkly bombs somewhere according to the insidious gay agenda.

But hey, O’Reilly may be on some pretty strong reality altering drugs – afterall, he has just compared trans people to Ewoks. Ewoks. EWOKS? *boggles*

In Iowa, Rep Steve King in a great deal of frothing and raving about the legalisation of gay marriage – speaks of fathers marrying their sons and mothers marrying their daughters. Because, y’know, gay marriage is totally the same as incest, right? Oh and gay marriage will lead to more abortions… *thinks* *tilts head* *strains* nope, lost me there. I mean I’m generally able to run alongside wingnuttery but I can’t even begin to see how he’s coming up with that one.

Of course, our kids are still in the firing line.

China is worried about boys growing up without enough masculine stereotypes being shoved down their throats so has created a school for “sissies” To “toughen” the boys up and make them less “girly” with an extra side dollop of emotional repression. Well, I have to say, that’s an impressive amount of fail in one. What’s that? sexism, transphobia, homophobia, AND saddling kids with a big big big helping of issues and complexes for later life. Ok, anyone else competing in the “who can screw up kids the most?” game show?

Continuing the screwing over of gay teens that seems to be something of a habit lately, a Lesbian student does not appear in her high school year book she has been erased completely.

No look at the waves of homophobia out there can fail to take into account religious bigotry, alas.

And that includes when further harming GBLT children, a Christian group in Oakland is celebrating their victory – they have forced a school to withdraw it’s anti-GBLT bullying campaign. Because stopping kids being hurt is against their faith it seems.

The Catholic church, always to be relied upon for being an eternal source of hatred, of course gets a mention. See, the Catholic church has had to deal with the most horrific sex abuse scandal and is responding by asking questions of seminarians to weed out paedophiles (sounds about as useful as a chocolate fireguard to me since if paedophiles could be identified in a cripplingly awkward interview, paedophilia wouldn’t be much of a problem) Oh and the interview is also designed to find any gay candidates as well. An interview in response to the child abuse scandal that tries to weed out gay candidates. Gah, words cannot express how much the Catholic church is coming to disgust me.

Of course, one entry from the Catholic church would be an improvement over the normal amount of hate they bring, but no, there’s another. See, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is not happy about ENDA, not happy at all. So decided it was their Christian duty to appeal to congress to allow bigotry against GBLT people to continue. Be warned, the source is a Catholic news source.

And Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston has spoken on the recent exclusion of the children of lesbians from Catholic schools (personally, I don’t understand why any GBLT person would put their child into a situation that would indoctrinate such hatred in them). And he made an analogy to make his point – referencing a brothel owner who trafficked women in horrendous conditions that lead to some of their deaths.  That’s right, he compared lesbian parents with human traffickers.

And while we’re on the subject of religious bigotry – the Traditional Families coalition makes it clear why they’re so opposed to discrimination laws as if it were in doubt – religious business owners should have the moral right to discriminate against GBLTs. Why Rand Paul, you have a following, you do!  The minute you allow in “my religion says X” as an excuse to be a bigot then ALL discrimination laws go out the window – they all die because people can use (and have used) religion to justify any amount of bigotry.

Pastor Owens of West Virginia’s Shenandoah Bible Baptist church is taking some heat for his truly disgusting sermon, the audio tape of which was leaked onto the net Most providers take it down as soon as it appears because it is that disgusting. Dubbed the “hunt-a-homo” sermon, it says things like “we should burn fags not flags” and other such gems. Ye gods I wish I was making that up. The video is included in the link, it is EXTREMELY TRIGGERING!

Sadly, religious groups are a major source of bigotry world wide (though it’s rarely something we’re permitted to address given the large number of defenders and excusers organised religion’s homophobia has). In the UK, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey wants SPECIAL courts for cases when there is religious beliefs are used to promote and enforce bigotry against GBLT people he wants specially religiously trained judges to handle them – to protect the rights of poor poor Christians who want to oppress GBLTs.

In Dorset, UK a Lesbian couple has been forced out of the church one of them has attended for years. Told they may not ‘associate’ with each other. Callous and uncaring, though I expect little else

The leader of a Pentecostal church in Brixton, London has been comparing being gay top paedophilia and rape, fanning the flames of religious hatred against us. His “refutation” is that he is only upholds orthodox and traditional Christian beliefs. That is not a refutation. Not even close – an admission perhaps, but not a refutation

And all this comes with a further cost – the cost of violence and discrimination and fear and very real victims

In Paraguay, a young Lesbian on announcing she was going to move in with her girlfriend, was kidnapped and tortured – by her own family

In China, a lesbian tried to kill herself by swallowing pesticide because she was faced with a forced marriage to a man. This is the despair that homophobia drives people to

In Texas 2 gay men were attacked by homophobes yelling slurs and hitting them with freaking baseball bats as they left a gay bar.

In Minneaoplis 2 people were shot outside of a gay club.

In Ontario, a man who direcdted a play about homophobia was beaten in an anti-gay assault.

And in Seattle, a man has been arrested for hate crimes for harassing, assaulting and beating a trans woman in the street

Gay flight attendants working for the airline KLM have been refused in their requests to avoid trips to Iran. A country which, we must remember, imprisons, tortures and executes GBLT people. The company already allows some flight attendants to stay safe by avoiding the country and doesn’t want to extend it further. They can stay safe but gay flight attendants still have to go and put their very lives at risk.

But who do we rely on to protect GBLT rights? Well… sadly not a whole lot of anyone. Certainly not the UN which has finally blocked accreditation for The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission after 3 years of hemming and hawing. It seems too many nations are too vehemently against any idea of gay rights, there are just too many bigots and bigoted nations out there to allow us to be treated like people. of course, there never are and never will be any real action to try and push these nations to accept our humanity (indeed, no small amount of wailing and fury and defence at the very suggestion!) so our blood will continue to be spilled and generally ignored.

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And the result of such hatred is always the lives lost, the blood spilled and the pain suffered.

These lists and links are always depressing – the more so because I know they’re only the tip of the iceberg – not a fraction of what is reported and in turn that only a fraction of the violence that happened – and continues to happen – every day.

A man in Florida has a killed his lesbian daughter’s girlfriend. Friends of the daughter have said that he hated that he did it because he didn’t like lesbians. I cannot even begin to contemplate the pain of this or the hate that would drive ytou to do such a thing.

I should be beyond  being shocked by homophobiuc violence by now, but this chilled me. the mayor of Paris has claimed that the killing of 2 men – by burying them alive – was an example of a homophobic hate crime. Buried alive? My mind refuses to go there, absolutely not.

In Scotland, openly gay teenager Jack Frew has been stabbed to death A 16 year old…

In Ipswich, UK, Rodney Greenland explains to us that he stabbed Simon Amers to death because Simon Amers touched him. The gay panic defence, again aired in the court room.

Neil McMillan is now on trial for the murder of trans woman Andrea Waddell

In Mexico, homophobia related murders have doubled. I always hope such reports indicate a greater level of reporting and consideration – it’s disturbing how homophobic hate seems to be increasing!

In Minsk, Belarus there was a pride parade. For 10 minutes before it was put down by violent riot police. Pride Parade marchers were beaten and arrested.

The violence and official brutality of this outweighs even the terrible acts around Lithuania’s pride parade. After fighting with the courts for the mere right to hold a pride parade were then attacked by protesters throwing things and attacking the marchers

An 11 year old girl in New Mexico was bullied and left bloody at school. Returning to class – she was left to bleed, ignored by her teacher. When her lesbian parents asked why, they say they were told it was because the teacher didn’t like that her parents were lesbians

And, returning to George Rekers, and his luggage and that sweet sweet Schadenfreude pie, we remind ourselves just how evil this man was. He was an adherent of aversion therapy for GBLT kids. In particular taking a boy as young as 4 that his parents were “concerned” about due to his “effeminate behaviour”. And when he displayed that “effeminate behaviour” he was punished. This developed into a scheme where when he did something “masculine” he got rewarded. When he did something “feminine” he got spanked. They ran this experiment on the boy for 2 years

Unsurprisingly, the child quickly learned to conform to their behavioural norms (fear will cause suppression after all). They were proud of their success. Except of course that their pushing the child to be more “masculine” thatb he became, as his worried mother described “a roughneck” playing recknlessly without considering damage to himself – or the furnishings. He became, as Rekers described him, “delinquent.”

And at age 18 that boy tried to commit suicide.

Of course, this is from a member of NARTH – that is on record for encouraging the bullying of GBLT children, so what can we expect except this kind of evil?

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Yes, it’s a litany of depression again, I haven’t done one for a while – but the stories need to be remembered and told because they usually aren’t. They need to be told because they are usually ignored – because the dead and the injured and the afraid are hidden. Because a large part of this world likes to pretend it doesn’t happen – it makes it easier to use hate speech if you can pretend it has no consequences. It makes it easier to deny us when you can pretend we’re not targets.

A trans woman in Mexico was found decapitated (warning, graphic photos). It’s brutally tragic how many trans people are so violently murdered around the world -the depth of the hate is astonishing.

In New York, another trans woman, Amanda Gonzales-Anudjar was found strangled to death, possibly killed by the man she was dating.

In South Africa, a man is accused of beating raping a Lesbian. He is reported to have said he would make her pregnant to show her she was a woman. Even sadder is that such “corrective” rapes are far from uncommon.

In Boston an Ecudaorean immigrant was beaten to death and his brother were attacked. Though both were straight, they walked huddled together to keep warm, and any display of affection between men is dangerous – and were attacked by men screaming anti-hispanic and anti-gay slurs.

On the Day of Silence of all days, 3 students attacked Cheyenne Williams, a Lesbian classmate of theirs. They actually tried to push her off a cliff

In Senegal, even being dead is no protection from hatred. A mob dug up Madieye Diallo’s body and dumped it in front of his family home. It is tragedy upon tragedy because Madieye Diallo died because he stopped taking HIV medication. Why? Because he was in hiding from an anti-gay mob. Sadder still, he is not the first

In Puerto Rico another trans woman, Ashley Santiago has been found stabbed to death and police  have been asked to treat her murder as a hate crime.

In Rimini, Italy a gay man was attacked by 2 security guards for having the gross audacity of kissing his partner. The police’s response? “If you’d kissed a woman, nothing would have happened to you.” He also refused to report the reason for the attack in the police report and referred to his partner as a “friend.” With people like these enforcing the law, what safety can there be?

In Rochdale, UK, A 17 year old gay teen was attacked by a homophobic gang of 10 men, having his head slammed into the kerb and jumping on his head, while his friends sought help from, well, typically uncaring bystanders.

In Leicester, 4 men attacked 2 openly gay men (and, again, are noticing how the haters gang up to attack us?) walking down the canal path.  After beating both men, severely enough to require surgery in one case, they were pushed into the canal

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 24 year old gay man has been a target of month long harassment by homophobic neighbours – including assaulting him, breaking into his apartment, leaving hateful vandalism and religious imagery. Oklahoma has no hate crime law for GBLT people, however, and other than the breaking and entering there doesn’t seem to be much pursuit.

In Missoula, Montana, another gay man was attacked by a group of 8-10 homophobes (again, the homophobes bring a mob)

In Edmonton, Canada Lesbian, Shannon Barry has had to have facial surgery after being attacked by a group of  men screaming homophobic abuse

In India, 2 people have been arrested in connection to the death of a gay professor

In Chicago, 3 men have been charged with a hate crime after attacking Daniel Hauf, a gay man on a train in January
A gay basher in Vancouver, is pleading guilty to assault – after he and 4 friends confronted and attacked a gay man, resulting in him having to have his jaw wired shut. But he is trying to deny it was a hate crime.

It seems of the 20 people who attacked gay police man James Parkes in Liverpoool, none of them may be charged. At least the police HAVE arrested 2 people for the murder of Nigel Prince in Southampton. In addition, the trial has begun over the murder of Ian Baynham

As ever, I think it would be remiss to report the violence against GBLT without connecting it properly to its source – hatred and tolerance of hatred. Our societies have a very high tolerance for homophobic and transphobic hate. We allow and give credence to a level of inciting hate speech that is almost beyond belief. Worse, not only do we normalise such hate as acceptable, but we also laud it as moral – especially since no small amount of this venom comes from organised religion.

Until we can assert strongly and clearly – and until our societies repeat the message – that homophobia and transphobia are wrong, then we will make no headway in stemming the hatred. How can we stop it when we keep saying that it’s ok?

In New York an LGBT community centre had its rainbow flag torched. Of course, being New Yorkers, the centre turned round and got a much much bigger flag.

A sign in Casper, Wymoing that quotes Leviticus and says “To Be Gay = Death” is, of course, free speech and cannot be removed. 100s of students walk past it on their way to school. Oh and Casper, Wyoming? That would be the birth place of Matthew Shepherd.

A Baptist group, showing the kind of love we have come to expect from organised Christianity, opposes the repeal of DADT. Why? Because the Bible orders death for gays.

If I continued listing homophobic hate, I’d fill another 20 posts, In fact, many of my posts document the kind of hatred that acts as a foundation for this violence.

While such speech is acceptable. While it si considered a legitimate part of our discourse. When it is considered a reasoned position. When these bigots are not considered outrageous or fringe. When they are considered moral, we allow hate to flourish and grow.

I have said before, hate does not emerge from a vaccuum. It is here because we nurture it, because we encourage it and because we allow it to fluorish

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These are always the more depressing posts, but they‘re very important ones, I think. It’s necessary to see the actual people who are being sacrificed to the hatred. It’s necessary to see the consequences of the hate.

In Kenya 5 men arrested for planning a gay wedding have been released through ‘lack of evidence’ – but have been told to flee the area for their own safety

Which is no surprise since a homophobic mob in Kenya attacks and wants to BURN gay men. The rise of homophobic attacks and mobs is terrifying to behold in its hatred and its extremism. Sadly, but not surprisingly, religion can be found behind it, whipping up the mobs and screaming for gay blood

Malawi and Kenya both are having outbreaks of homophobic mobs trying to attack and kill gay people The rise of homophobia in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and others is frightening – more so when we can see the strong hand of evangelical groups and other religious movements behind it. The global power of religious hate cannot be underestimated

In Northern Ireland Shaun Fitzpatrick could have been murdered for being gay

In Chicago Daniel Hauf was attacked trying to defend a gay youth whho was being homophobically abused. His 3 attackers have been indicted on hate crimes charges – a sliver of good from the very very bad.

Gay men attacked for being part of a gay sports team in Austin.

A lesbian couple in West Virginia are turned down as tenants – for being gay A very real point that the very necessities of life are subject to the whims of homophobia.

These are the victims of hate – and the consequences of hate speech and its promotion

From the utterly foolish: Missouri University  Board Member David Ansley using the word “fag” as a descriptor

To the tragically personal with Rabbi Menachem Froman of Tekoa offering to sit Shiva with a Lesbian’s homophobic parents when that lesbian asked how to deal with her parent’s homophobia.

To the blind, mindless hate of Lauren Ashley, Miss. California hopeful quoting a LEVITICUS verse that advocates death for gays. Oh but she had gay friends (why is it all these homophobes bring out the gay friend excuse? Surely they can see that it’s not even REMOTELY believable!)  When are we going to realise that hate speech revelling in our deaths is NOT acceptable?! Seriously why did no-one call her on this? Why didn’t the pageant drop her so fast she bounced twice? Why didn’t the interviewer react appropriately – by ripping off her arm and beating her to death with the soggy end? Why is comment like this considered legitimate?

And then we go to the utterly vile with the World Net Daily Columnist, Molotov Mitchell adding to the already shocking voices calling for our death  Again, why is this acceptable? Why are any more than the nuttiest of fringiest (good gods spell checker, that’s an actual word?) extremists even thinking this is acceptable to say? Why isn’t this a career killer? Why isn’t this a “drive the man out the room with a hail of fruits and vegetables” moment?

All of these send a message. They send a message that gays are worth less, due less, are less. All of these foolish, hateful acts, laws and speeches justify and cheer for the deaths and the pain. And it is global – our hate mongers travel the globe spreading their hate, their words are quoted in homophobic conferences, their books used as guides and sources around the world. The hateful religious texts and teachings know no borders. The hate is spread around quite liberally – but it’s not just words. There are real bodies and real lives and real victims who will suffer from this poison – and we cannot forget that.

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Our trans brothers and sisters are very much targets for abuse - and rarely are their issues or their pain given the attention or respect they deserve.

As LGBT people we need to recognise that all of us suffer and that all of us face hatred, violence and death - and we cannot let any of our stories, our problems or the abuses against us go untold and ignored.

Like always, we have to see the bad so that we can remember why we keep fighting and keep working

Stan Lansdell was a social worker for Bradford Council. Despite this essential and powerful position of trust and protection, he screamed abuse and hate at a 12-13 year old trans girl. The man seems to generally fail at his job as well - but to let hate take you so far as to abuse a child is unconscionable.

In slightly better news the Scottish Parliament has apologised to a trans woman for the terrible way she was treated. The sad thing is she was so treated in the first place - allowing a male guard to search a trans woman is not acceptable and no less intolerable or humiliating for her than it would be for a cis woman.

In Japan, 3 Filipino trans women have been arrested for “faking” marriages. These women would not have had to “fake” papers to show their ACCURATE gender if the law were not backward and discriminatory.

Facebook - if a man’s chest is not considered nudity under your rules then that applies to trans men as well especially since he is at a stage in his transition where his breasts have been removed. As an aside, I can’t really get behind the idea that a woman’s chest has to be covered but a man’s can’t anyway.

And in Michigan Rep Paul Scott lashes out at trans people for some easy bigot votes deciding to make it a priority to prevent trans people having their real sex listed on their driver’s license. Of all the petty small minded acts of spite - this will gain NOTHING for anyone in the state, anyone in the world - but it will harass and generally make trans people’s lives a whole lot harder. An ID with invalid information on it is just going to cause endless hassle everywhere it’s needed - to say nothing of outing that trans person every single time they’re called upon to prove age or their identity. Being outed is dangerous - it’s deadly and far to many trans people have been murdered for this to be considered anything less than a serious threat.

And a classic example of media fail a trans woman is killed in Texas - already showing how little trans’ lives are valued. But the media pulls out all the classic fail of victim blaming (she was found in an area frequented by the homeless and prostitutes as they are so eager to point out) and repeated misgendering. Gah, such lazy intolerance, such utter unwillingness to acknowledge another human being

Respect is not much to ask - and takes little to give. It’s grossly repellent that trans people’s bodies and rights are valued at such a low level - and how casual society is at making their lives as hard as possible.
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I’ve been away over the holidays, so I have some news to catch up on. Sadly - much of it is bad. Let’s move out of this year and hope that such bad news becomes more and more a thing of the past.

7 men arressted for “homosexual activity” in the Maldives. One of the things, despite numerous examples, I still struggle to grasp in my own mind is that there are nations where I can be arrested for being gay - where my existence and my love is criminal. It never fails to chill me and remind me how powerful the hate is.

And they most certainly are not alone. In Senegal 24 men were arrested for homosexuality on the 24th. They were released the next day - but are still being investigated. Even without prosecution - the climate of fear caused when police can and do arrest you for being gay cannot be underestimated. How can any of these people trust the police, go to the police when they need help or ever co-operate with the police when that shadow of persecution hangs over them?

Indian Catholic religious leaders are fighting against the recent decriminalisation of homosexuality in New Delhi. Again, the Catholic church shows their love and shows themselves as an enemy. This wasn’t a law in favour of marriage or even non-discrimination - this court ruling merely decriminalised homosexuality. But the Catholic church is there - hating us for existing.

homophobic and transphobic hate crimes surge (including 21 murders) in Honduras following the ousting of the president. Remember, while the law fails us on many occasions, it is clear that without it’s limited shield our lives would be worth even less than they are now.

Gay rights group in Georgia raided which is a nice caveat to the last piece - even with the rule of law (Georgia decriminalised homosexuality in 2000 - so frighteningly recent) the agents of law still carry the prejudice of our societies and cannot be trusted not to strike out against the vulnerable.

Republican Candidate campaign for Illinois Senator smeared with homophobia which greatly depresses me. Not just because some scum bag is throwing homophobic rumours around to smear someone - but that it ACTS as a smear. That accusing his competitor of being gay - or that his competitor may be gay - is somehow a negative mark, somehow makes him less fit. It depresses me because people WILL be less likely to support him because of homophobia - that this is an effective smear because people DO think we’re somehow unfit for office. That is far more depressing than some ignorant hater mouthing off.

A gay couple in Malawi (one of the depressing number of nations that criminalises homosexuality) have taken the courageous step to have a public wedding ceremony. I honour their courage. Sadly, they were arrested for public indecency. Gay people in Malawi commonly face 14 years in prison.. I cannot imagine the courage it took for Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza to have risked so much. I don’t think I could be half so brave. so far they have been denied bail. I despair sometimes, I really do.

And in the face of all this hate? In the face of global hate against homosexuals - in the face of persecution and legal murder of homosexuals in so many countries. In the face of worldwide hatred and bigotry - what do we have? Well, the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights speaks out on multiple issues of discrimination and prejudice. recently it was proposed including a section that mentioned sexual orientation and gender identity. This was then removed by the General Assembly (lead by Iraq but supported by so many others) so the UN said a great, big collected ’fuck you’ to GBLT people again. Naturally, the religious groups are cheering and partying at the idea of more homosexuals and trans people being persecuted and killed. More and more I am convinced that without the hateful influence of the world’s religions, we’d be much further ahead - and maybe even safe by now.
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I'm going to take a few days to do the random holiday thingies bhut I'll leave you with something depressing :)

2 women attacked in Plymoth by homophobic arseholes

Even in the holidays we have to remember it's still happening and there's still an awful lot to do
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rape and murder of openly gay teen in Baltimore

Trans woman connected to political scandal murdered in Italy

FBI says hate crimes
- and anti-gay hate crimes (and fail on them for not listing transphobic hate crimes) are rising. Same as in London. The violence continues and worsens

Closer to home: gay teenager hurt in homophobic attack in Liverpool.

On the better news Gordon Brown marks transgender day of remembrance it is good to see the powers that be playing attention - noticing and at least making a gesture of awareness
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It's a shame that on the heels of the good news from Argentina we get some other news to bring us down.

A 19 year old gay teenager in Puerto Rico has been burned, decapitated and dismembered

Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado died horrifically before he was even 20 years old. Gods above, how can someone be so blackened by hate as to do this to someone who is little more than a boy?

And to add insult to injury - it is reported:

"the public remarks from a police investigator for the case that 'people who lead this type of lifestyle need to be aware that this will happen'."

No. It bloody well SHOULDN'T happen. And how DARE a policeman accept this as inevitable?! Or as a consequence! We should be SAFE. And it's the job of people like THIS to protect Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado - now matter what the poor kid's "lifestyle" was (and that's who the kid WAS bigoted idiot).
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It seems our bloods has been pouring quite freely of late - though, in truth, our physical integrity is never the safest out there

There does, sadly, seem to be a definite increase in hate crime against GBLT people. Another victim is added to the very sad tally with the death of Destiny Lauren, a trans woman in London

Again we have a reminder of how much more we have to fight - and how vulnerable GBLT bodies are.
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Why I care: the violence is continuing
Gay man is victim of a homophobic attack in Illford, London.

It’s reported (from London, but I doubt the rest of the country is much better) that homophobic hate crime is up 18%. Again this may be due to a greater degree of reporting - but this is worrying.

We seem to be targeted more and more - and this is why it is important to fight inequality wherever it appears, whatever it is about and whoever it comes from. Because the violence comes from an atmosphere that supports it and nurtures it.

The violence won’t stop until we are seen as equals and as people of worth
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We have a right to walk down a street without being attacked for being gay.

We should be able to hold hands with our partners without fear.

We shouldn’t have to hide for our own safety.

I care because a a Lesbian couple was beaten by men screaming homophobic abuse in Brighton for holding hands in public.

I do not want my love to be treated like a guilty secret and I do not want this couple or any gay relationship to do so either. I don’t want to be faced with the choice of acknowledging Beloved and my love for him or being safe.

And I will fight against the idea that just because we are gay, we deserve this treatment. That the only good or acceptable gays are those who hide our gayness, who are closeted or repressed, who do not “flaunt” ourselves by refusing to lurk in the closet.
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I have posted before about the tragic case of Janice Langbehn and her deceased partner, Lisa Marie Pond:

And about the court case that denied them justice

Her story in her own words

No-one should have to suffer what she suffered. No-one should have been put through this. What happened here was wrong. Pure and simple.

This is why we need to care about homophobia and equality and prejudice. Because this stuff is WRONG. It doesn't matter who the victim is, or what empty, cruel reasons the oppressors give. This. Is. Wrong.


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