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Since it's that time of year again, we're looking at presents and Beloved, very kindly, wants to upgrade my tablet.


The thing is, I'm not convinced that a newer tablet is especially necessary given my current - so I need people more technically minded than I to counter Beloved's shiny addiction.


My tablet  is


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


One of these:


Beloved is thinking of the new google Nexus 9

One of these:


To my untrained eye, the difference between the two appears to be pretty negligible - and certainly not worth £399.



Other things to note: 

The smaller screen doesn't bother me

I do not need 3G, 4G or any number of Gs.

My current tablet DOES have a damage screen (all the colours are wonky after being dropped) which means I want to get this one repaired anyway... which may end up cheaper.


By all means do run in and say "no, forget Samsung and google, you need this one!" but I do prefer Android over IOs and Windows


So techie people, help me out - is Beloved being wise and prudent as well as generous? Or is his shiny addiction overcoming reasonable common sense?

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 Looks like we need another refresher on Freedom of Speech and what that means


Brendan Eich, the now-former CEO of Mozilla has donated a considerable sum of money to a campaign to deny LGBT people equality. He is a homophobic bigot. Mozilla decided being a homophobic bigot is the perfect person to head their company when they appointed him CEO – it was a bigoted decision that proved Mozilla did not value LGBT people.


LGBT people and people who aren’t raging bigots and apologists for bigots responded with fierce criticism, blog posts, social media campaigns and, yes, OKCupid joined the campaign (they did not block firefox – they DID have a page that said, basically, “hey we’d prefer you use a browser that doesn’t support raging bigotry” which did have a clickthrough if you really did want to continue with firefox.


Brendan Eich stepped down.


Would people have been happy with less? Honestly, I wouldn’t have been – and I still look leerily at some of the man’s apologists in Mozilla as well. But Eich didn’t even try. Mozilla threw around policy statements – which addressed nothing. They were so poor that they released several to try and patch the gaping holes – but never addressed the fact they’d chosen a bigot to lead them


Eich himself made vague statements – but adamantly refused to address his donation to a hate campaign. More, he wouldn’t rule out doing the same again, even when expressly asked. Eich is a homophobic bigot who has campaigned against the equality of LGBT people – and plans to continue to do so. Yet he expected LGBT people to have faith in him for the future.

This wasn’t even LGBT people refusing to accept an apology (which we wouldn’tbeen obliged to do) or trusting him to learn and do better – because he didn’t make an apology, made no indication that he had learned and adamantly ruled out not doing the same thing all over again.


And let us be clear here – LGBT people did not sack Brandon Eich. We do not have that power. We did not ban him under law – we do not have that power. We did not destroy his code or his company or have his website banned – none of these we can do. No-one physically attacked him. No-one put a gun to his head.


We spoke.


We spoke against a man who would spend money to deny our humanity. We spoke against a man who wished to deny us equality and treat us as lesser citizens. We spoke against a man who refused to even rule out doing the same thing again. We spoke against a company – a company that even prides itself on its principles - that decided such a man was ideal to be their leader and figurehead. We chose not to use the products of that company. We chose not to associate with a man or a company


Why is his “freedom of speech” which, by the American interpretation, also includes copious amounts of money to fund denial of our rights – so damn precious that OUR freedom of speech must be silence – or be considered “out of line” or “going too far.”


Why is his speech perfectly reasonable but ours is a “lynch mob”?


What do you expect us to do? Do you think we have some kind of duty to shop at Chick-fil-a, use Firefox or read Orson Scott Card? Lest our refusal to associate with a bigot somehow “oppress” you? At what point are we ALLOWED to speak up against bigotry? When do we get to defend outselves, oh straight people, do tell?


Why are LGBT people – all marginalised people – presented as being vicious, angry and oppressive because we won’t lay down silently and let privileged people oppress us?


Brendan Eich is not a victim. Brendan Eich was the man trying to victimise LGBT people – and clearly planning to do so again in the future. LGBT people chose not to lay down and take it, LGBT people fought against being victimised, LGBT people refused to smile in the face of yet another straight, cis person hitting us.


All you people squealing about how so-very-mean we’ve been to this bigot? You are like the men who hold some poor guys arms so someone else can punch him. Eich is the one who attacked us – we’re defending ourselves. It’s your choice whether you stand aside, help protect us – or try to hold our arms so we’re defenceless. 

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So I'm resigned to switching from Firefox to Chrome, but today I noticed an Issue.

My Lj who isn't working (obviously since it's a greasemonkey thing).

LJ Who is kind of like a member notes feature. It was original designed so you could attach real names to your friends so Hotsexychipmunk69696969 would have a note by him saying "Bob Jones".

I used it to label bigots and homophobes so I knew who to avoid, which spaces to avoid (because it was crawling with people with notes) and who I need to keep away from my spaces. It was comforting to be able to see "thinks gay men have a history, culture and tradition of sexual predation on boys" or "Structural integrity of lettuce > GBLT humanity" or even just "straight person with Opinions She Will Share" or even just "slash fetishist" or "homophobe kill it with hails of armadillos"

I don't have my labels, it makes me itchy.

So I could spend an age looking around, but I'm lazy. Anyone know of a similar Chrome extension? Preferably one I could transfer the data over rather than having to rebuild my rogue's gallery of arseholes?

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 Firefox has been giving me all kinds of grief lately, fighting with Flashplayer, eating computer performance and generally being a nuisance.
I applied my usual tech support methods. I swore at it. I frenziedly clicked the mouse. I swore at it some more. I restarted the computer. I swore at it some more. I turned off the computer and went and read and pretended I didn't want to use the computer anyway, so there. I then swore at it some more. I even *gasp* reinstalled stuff.
None of it worked. I know, I was shocked too.
So I poked Beloved and insisted he do the magical arcane computer thing. I assume sacrificing a goat was involved (this is how you make computers work, yes?)
And I came back to find my computer no longer has Firefox. It has Chrome.
This is why I don't ask him to fix things. Now things are Changed. I don't like Change *huffs in a corner*
Also, we're decorating. Which is probably silly since we've also kinda-not-idly discussed moving
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Judging by the emails I've been getting, I understand there has been some kind of drama llama on tumblr about fanboys losing their shit because people have been "slashing" the male Avengers characters

It would appear I am expected to roar in, sword raised and slap down their objections



Have you come to the right place?

I've had a brief look at this hot mess (oh look a few hundred comments of "boys kissing is hawt" and the like. Fun) and the complete ignoring/dissmissing of any possibility of fetishism or legitimate criticism of slash as well as all the old standard tropes, memes, excuses and, of course, complete failure to acknowledge actual gay men exist and I don't want to go anywhere near this.

Do I think the objecting straight fanboys are homophobic? Probably. But I also think the same of the huge ream of fetishists, their supporters and their excusers. The difference is, the fanboys won't claim to be my allies or working for social justice while pulling their homophobic bullshit.

You're all homophobes, why do you think I'm going to champion either of you? And you only show this by dragging your sorry self to a gay man who is complete stranger (and clearly without any real examination of what I've written or my opinions) and expect me to run and go to bat on command for your fetish. But then, this is the respect I've come to expect.

And this is why I avoid fandom. When the choice is heternormative erasure and "gay is icky" on one side or gay fucktoys, who need to be drooled over and not heard on the other

Also? I am not going anywhere NEAR tumblr. Every time I've even cast an eye other thyat place I have seen so much collective fail it makes Livejournal look like a shining font of reason and sensitivity
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I know that in various areas of the net there are debates going on about the "dogpiles" you see out there, where all and sundry leapm one someoen for saying the wrong thing. And there are certainly problems with it

But y'know, day in day out I endure arseholes around me saying pig ignorant shit and getting away with it. They saying all this crap and knowing I am going to smile through clenched teeth AGAIN. Every day, hate speech is given a pass, put on a pedestal, given a pat on the back and declared ok. Every day I have to tolerate this shit.

So then, I log on and see yet more arseholes saying the same ignorant shit I've just spend so many hours of so many days of so many months of, well, forever having to endure. And there's a pause followed by the Glorious Beatdown.

And, fuck it, maybe it says something bad about my character, but I revel reading it. After so long of tolerating shit, of being expected to tolerate shit, of people getting away with the most ignorant, vile hate speech and everyone grinning and smiling, at least OCCASIONALLY this bullshit is treated as being out of line. It's relaxing, it's reassuring and damned if it doesn't make me smile even when I'm seething.

That doesn't mean I don't think there are problems with it- from white knighting, to slacktivism, to buzz words without substance (I'm not going to include "lack of opportunities to learn" because a) we don't have a duty to teach and b) sometimes training is better than learning) (I'm also not going to go with tone or emotion for obvious reasons and because I think outraged disgust is sometimes the best response), to ignorant people leaping in when they don't understand, to people doing it just to claim ally cookies they haven't earned. But sometimes, a good scream of rage is wonderfull cathartic.
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So the utter icy frigidness of the house is explained by the hall/stairs/landing heater being broken.

Now we have this heater because it's efficient, cheap to run and by heating the room from which all other rooms attach it keeps the whole house warm and draft free even more effecitvely than the central heating (which has a thermostat in the ICY HEART OF BEIRA IN WHICH GLACIERS ARE BORN the living room. I'm not entirely sure why this room is impossible to heat, it may be the front and back huge windows. Either way, the central heating tries to keep that room warm and the rest of the house HAIR METLINGLY HOT).

But now efficient heater is apparently dead and winter storms are now raging up and down the stairs.

Checking the heater necessitated making some dusty mess, removing the cover and all. So out comes the vaccuum cleaner aaand... BANG

It's motor is broken, dead and, judging by the noise, exploded. And it's nearly brand new! And it's dead AGAIN.

But I didn't have time for this... I had a dinner to serve! A lucious pork joint with... wait... why is this oven tray not hot?

Actually turns out what I ACTUALLY have is a raw slab of pork and some raw veggies sitting in the tray in the stone cold oven which is... Broken.

At which point I officially give up. I am now in a fuzzy dressing gown and I'm going back to bed to sulk.
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Ah, that moment after you get a new computer when you finally have all the settings right. Installed your skype and talkshoe and got all your passwords remembered again and your favourites lists and installed skyrim and we're allll back to how it should be.


Skyrim is so essential software. And no it doesn't break the 20th October rule. No no it does not.

Because I said so.

And since it doesn't there's absolutely no reason to tell Beloved.

Hmm still missing that 150gig partition, most annoying.
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So, and to follow up on the comments from my last post, I informed Beloved that the Abacus could no longer be tolerated. It was no longer fit for purpose. I had to restart it 4 or 5 times just to make it work, half the links and menus were borked – it was giving me grey hairs every time I touched it. I use the computer far too much – for work, for blogging, for shopping, for gaming – to reasonably tolerate another 2 months with the computer in this condition. I’d actually find it easier to do without a phone - any phone – for 2 months than to do without a computer.

I actually had a huge long speech that didn’t seem to be getting anywhere (I think I have trained him to ignore eloquence because he usually loses). Eventually I resorted to grabbing him, chanting “please please please please” and not letting go until he agreed. Yes it’s not the most advanced or intelligent of debate methods but if it works I’m all for it. I also threatened not to feed him and promised various things that shall remain undisclosed.

Eventually Beloved relented on the (usually sensible) October 20th rule so he could play magnanimous lover rather than nagged and beaten loser. So we went out together and bought a shiny.

It’s official, I could never have kids now because all my love has been invested in this computer. I have none to spare for children. *drools all over the shiny* It works! It actually works. A computer that works. *hugs it pathetically*

Of course, all weekend was spent extracting as much of the data I could from the old wreck (poor Abacus, he served me well for many a year, but alas, its time is now over. It deserves a Viking funeral). Anticipating that this was going to be a fight and not nearly as simple as plugging in my terabit external drive I set aside all weekend for it (I did put things in holding mode though so hopefully there were no disasters).

And yes, there are problems. See, Abacus had a partitioned drive. I’m not sure why, I think it came that way or Beloved did it. So it had C:/ and D:/ (roughly equal sizes) and E:/ (recovery files). Now, I had a virus not long ago that masqueraded as a windows computer fixer. When I removed it it left me with a PC that was wrecked. The desktop was invisible – never again could I save a file to it. My start menu links all failed and half my program files just didn’t work any more. After that I did a system restore to fix another problem (the fact it kept freezing and looking for boot discs on start up) and then… D:/ disappeared. Just gone. The partition is gone, the letter assigned to the DVD drive and all the data lurking on D:/? Inaccessible.

This vexes me.

So, my old tower is sat next to me, taunting me “there is still info in here you neeeeed and you can’t get it! You can’t get it!” And it knows, it knows, that I’m going to have to plug it in again some time to try and get at that partition. *curses angrily*

Of course, I’ve also got to set up everything on the new computer which is taking a while. Not helped by the fact I don’t remember one single password so I’m having to reset them all. Oh and I just had to get through a captcha that used pi – the Greek letter pi. I have no idea how to type that. Also, yes dear websites, I realise that to have a strong password you should have caps and small letters and numbers that are non-sequential. I know, however I can’t be arsed and, frankly, if some of you are hacked I really really don’t care. Now quit wittering at me and let me enter my easily-remembered password that breaks all the rules.

But back to the shiny. It is shiny! And it works! And it gave me an excuse to use a new mouse with an actual wire (I hated that wireless mouse. Hated it hated it hated it) and a keyboard that isn’t all gungy (but the buttons are recessed which is cool and quieter typing but is taking some getting used to) and I looooves it I do.

Expect me to spend a few days getting used to everything and drooling over things. Soooo shiny. And it’s quiet! It makes so much less noise, the abacus sounded like a helicopter taking off!

Oh and I have like a gazillion emails. More. Ye gods 4 days away(ish) and my inbox explodes
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This computer is dead. It's old, it's inefficient, it's broken. A Greek guy with an abacus has more computing power.

I've been putting it off for months, but this wreck is way past its useby date. I have a blank desktop and 101 broken start menu links, in fact broken files all over the shop, it keeps freezing on me, half the programmes don't work the other half are unreliable at best. It's a hold-your-breath-moment every time you turn it on because there's no guarantee it will actually start and you have to restart, system restore, hard reset, or hit it with hammers while cursing and pleasing to make it work. It is dying, well and truly dying. About the only thing that would maybe shoot some life back into it is a good full formatting – and even then, it's dying dying dead.

So I need a new computer

The problem? It's November. And the October 20th rule applies – which means no new things can be bought

The October 20th rule came because this is the time when a wonderful, thoughtful, attentive husband (that would be me) and a lucky, occasionally gets it right, makes good guesses husband (that would be Beloved) start looking out for Yule gifts. So that's when we hear “oh I need a new one of X” or “oh, that looks cool” and then sneak out, buy it and wrap it in shiny

The problem is that Beloved in particular (not me, of course *ahem*) is of the “see a shiny buy a shiny” mode of thought. And there have been times when I've heard “oh I'd love one of those” and I've gone out, tracked it down (through many arduous battles) brought it home (hauling it through the cruel wintry weather no less) and wrapped it (enduring the hideous scourge of paper cuts and sellotape that will NOT unravel) only to find that beloved has bought himself it the next day.

So the October 20th rule. Upon reaching October 20th, no new shinies may be bought. It's a rule and it prevents duplicates, spoiled shopping, ruined surprises and running around with receipts trying to get your money back.

But I need a new computer. And I can't wait until December! (And I'm not going to go through the stress and horror of a full format if I'm going to replace it). So I neeed it noooooooow. Which means I need a loophole in the October 20th rule!
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There are a large number of people on the internet who believe they have won lots of social justice arguments against me – especially when it comes to homophobia.

And this surprises Beloved, it does, for he has yet to outmanoeuvre me when I blame him for, well, absolutely everything I can :) (because that's loooove). He will even lament about how I will even replay past arguments in case I feel he hasn't been hailed my rightness sufficiently.

This is because tormenting Beloved is a fun sport of which I am an international gold medal holder.

So why on the net are there all these victorious arguers? Well, because I don't really argue on the net. Most of the times when someone drops prejudiced bigot shit on my screen I wince, make a note to treat that space accordingly and tread carefully should I ever go back there. Occasionally I'm invested enough in a space or person – or it's my space – to engage the fail and resist it. Sometimes it's just vile and I feel I have to comment because if I don't I feel I've endorsed or accepted what has been said. So I comment.

And there's a response, usually as bad or worse. In naïve hope I respond and try again. Usually it's pretty clear that I'm just repeating myself, giving myself a massive headache and generally achieving nothing so...

I just leave.

Read more
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So, me is back kinda
So, remember when i said "gremlins not the kindle"? Yeah, that was silly wasn't it? That was kind of tempting fate, right? That was like giving Loki the finger and telling him "I double dog dare you" right?

So, the screen is kinda frozen except for a bottom half inch. I think I dropped something on it. I never realised how dependent I'd become on this thing.

This means, dear people, that for the last few days I have been without internet, without a car and without my kindle. I actually had to do stuff. With people. Actual people. Without a computer screen in the way - and I had to use other people's transport.

Truly, I have suffered

Well except today when I decided to stop playing with the world and had a Lie to Me marathon instead. Good programme - but even better Tim Roth pushes allll of my buttons. Twice. Three times in this role. (What? I have a thing for rascals. Sue me)

On the blog, I'm catching up with things but to decide on the comment system:

I am keeping intense debate. I looked at Blogger's commenting system and it's not very good (lack of threads?! Really?) and has less back of the house tools to aid me in moderating (like putting certain people on insta moderation. Honestly - why do you even keep trying? And really, how many HOURS did you spend copying and pasting slurs on every back post that never saw the light of day because of insta-moderation? Get a hobby already). Besides, if I went back to Blogger I can see no way of uploading the currently existing comments (short of copy and pasting manually. No).

My inquiries weren't about people commenting on LJ - that's fine. but people had emailed me and said "I can't see how to comment". Aaaand I don't really know why. At the bottom of each post there's a bit marked Comments clicky and you get the option. So I assumed it was broken?

I know there's a character limit but I thought it was huge and vast? Akin to LJs. Is it limited?

You should be able to log in either with intense debate, or twitter, or open ID. I've tried to make a few things clearly. Let me know

So... all good?
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So Intense debate isn't everyone's cup of tea, is causing problems and making it hard to comment (I don't mind if people use LJ, but people have tried to comment on the blog and it hasn't worked).

Trying to take it off could mean losing the comments on there. I've downloaded the XML file of those comments now and I'd like to upload them to blogger which is... THEORETICALLY possible....

In theory?

And yes, my net is still playing me up
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Are some people having trouble commenting on the blog?

I use intense debate commenting system because it gives more options for banning/blocking/turning into a pumpkin when people show their arses. And this is USEFUL yes yes it is. Blogger is a platform I chose for its simple simplicity (I can't even get twitter to work), but I felt I needed a little more for the comment section.

At the risk of talking down to people, to comment you have to click ont he comments (0) at the bottom of each post - it doesn't just show existing comments it has the option to comment there as well. I've had a few emails from people saying they can't find where to comment, is this bit missing or not showing up maybe on some browsers?

(and Sean Kennedy, how how how did you manage to comment using Blogger's original comment system? I have no idea I thought it was turned off! I don't even know how to reply using it :). But while tempting, I chose not to go the name & shame route because a) it's not me b) I have seen the epic flamewar clusterfucks consume so many people over this issue period and I ain't that daft to jump into that snake pit, noooo way c) I have emails and first names, could be anyone.)
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Dies a horrible horrible death. And I still haven't got round to car fixing.

Of course, everyone tells me things come in threes.

NOT THE KINDLE! Do you hear me gremlins? The kindle is OUT OF BOUNDS! Go bother Beloved, he has lots of silly techno gizmos. Look, an Ipad! Pretty Ipad! Go break that.
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I always get more traffic by email than I do by comments. Gods alone know why. I will look at my blog and LJ and see 3 comments huddled together, open my inbox and see a gazillion queued together. One of the idiosyncrasies of life I guess.

Anyway, my m/m posts seem to be getting a lot more hits (or so my vague reading of the technology. I don't promise it to be vaguely accurate) and I have a lot of email related to them. Surprisingly, most of them are generally decent and raise my faith in humanity a little, just a little but they do. Of course, the second most common make me despair and cover all the same problems I've covered 100 times before, with an added bonus of telling me what I should and should not consider a safe space. Uh-huh – I decide my safe spaces, thank you. You can suggest a safe space I may be interested in, but if I say “no, I don't go near that, it's unsafe for me” that's not up for debate.

The third class of emails are very similar: “Please beta X” where X is m/m, slash or some variation thereof.

read more
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Cleared out a few more things form my space. Communities and spaces that are long since inactive, some which should have gone with the whole “clear out the crap” fest, some places I hung around assuming they would interest me but I found myself constantly skipping past and removing from any spaces which may bring me tangentially into contact with slash or m/m spaces and threw out a few more that I realise I found not particularly helpful, fun, useful or educational in any way.

I also seem to following several spaces multiple times. Yes I am good at spamming myself.

My twitter is still being a nuisance, occasionally so is Youtube but that seems to have fixed itself (magic!) and flash seems to be giving me the run around as well. My primary concern is twitter. I'm sorry if you've tweeted me or responded to one of the few tweets I've managed to throw off (for some reason 3rd party linkage tweets have a higher success rate – but even then I generally have to try and tweet 4 or 5 times) and I haven't answered – technology is laughing at me

Still, it feels fresh to have things cleaned out and now I have the space and time to examine places that I may find more useful, fun and productive :) *rubs hands* newww toys.

Twitter being down is still annoying though
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Renee's site to which I am a contributor went down because of various technological shenanigans, surprisingly not involving moose at all (I know, I asked).

Her site should be back up in the next couple of days. The content is still safe and all should be back up and back to normal again
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As people may have noticed for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to mess with comment moderation. Suffice it to say things have not gone according to plan. Technology, it still hates me.

In theory, while some people are on perma moderation (and you know who you are, your comments get deleted before they show their ugly ugly heads. Yes, by all means comment whining about it, I'll delete them too) most comments shouldn't be moderated. Give me a heads up if you seem to be on moderation for no reason. It's probably not intentional, more likely to be a technology fail.

I, thankfully, rarely have to resort to major comment policing (for some reason people send me nasty emails instead. One claimed it was because LJ tracked IPs which... confuses me, because doesn't email? And what would I do with an IP anyway? Is it like some old school magic? Once you couldn't let a witch know your name, now one must guard one's IP from a techno-pagan? Of course maybe people email me their bile because they know what will happen to them if they make their comments on the blog) and compared to some of my fellow bloggers I am miraculously free from the bile they have to deal with on a regular basis. Still there is crap I have no intention of allowing to defile my space.

And to the tiresome quoting of the first amendment that has landed with some regularity in my inbox: 1) you're not applying it correctly. Learn your own law before you misquote it. 2) I'm England, live in England and feel not the slightest desire to be bound by your constitution. Gods preserve me from Americans who think their laws are universal.

Now if you wish to scream “censorship” I will suggest you read my Comment Policy. The link's right there at the top of the page.. Apart from anything else, again, you're using that word incorrectly. I am not censoring you, silencing your or suppressing you. I am refusing to give you a platform. I do not OWE you a platform. If you have something to say and the big mean Sparky is not letting you say it then go to Blogger or Wordpress and make your own space. Since when do I have to be your broadcaster?

Ok, let's cover a few other things!

Email – I will get to it. All of it. EVENTUALLY. Yes I am not exactly timely at answering it, but I try. If, however you send me an LJ mail I probably won't answer it. Every now and then I look up and see “oh shit, 500 messages, I should do something about that”. So I may answer it – but maybe in 2020.

If you see something that may interest me amuse me or otherwise I may appreciate seeing – by all means send me it! My inbox is always open and I love people sending me things from sources I don't always follow. This is of the goooood :) It is appreciated and cookies will be given. I may write on it, I may not (depending on time, interest, mental strength and energy)

If you see something and decide to come to me screaming “zomg how could you not post about this?!” please feel free to eat your keyboard. I'm not a journalist, a reported, a ghost writer, author or even a professional blogger (I don't even had ads here. That's not a knock at adverts or a promise there never will be, it's noting my inability to figure them out. Technology is hard) and, frankly, none of these are obliged to write on command. I'm not a writing monkey. I have a full time job, a full time husband, charity work, a complex and involved family and an energy and time consuming mental illness(es) I do not have the time, energy, mental strength or, frankly, inclination to be on call to write on demand.

If you're coming screaming to me demanding I denounce someone, again, you can enjoy some keyboard chewing. If you've come demanding I apologise for what some complete stranger who happens to be gay has said/done then you can take your homophobic self and flounce out of here.

Ok, if you want to show me something grossly homophobic with a “can you believe this shit” slant, by all means do. I won't necessarily run over and comment because, really, seeking out homophobes in their lairs is one of the things I've crossed off my self-destruction list (it's a big list). I already dabble in more unsafe spaces than is wise.

If, however, you in general don't give a damn about gay rights but someone you REALLLY hate has said something homophobic and you think telling me will have me swarm in as some kind of grudge warrior for you – well, kindly sod off. Appropriating battles against homophobia for your gudgewank does not amuse.

Ok I think that deals with various things on my pending list. Go back to being awesome guys.
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So on Monday I realise our vacuum cleaner is not working. It has decided to become therapy vacuum. It doesn't actually clean but it does make a reassuring noise to convince you that it is cleaning. After several days of running it over bits on the carpet, letting it buzz at them before pausing to pick them up myself I am resigned – the vacuum cleaner is broken.

No Beloved cries and he runs into action – changing filters, poking cyclones, checking tubes and doing all the things one is supposed to, scattering bits and dust everywhere in the process. Vacuum still does not work.

Having exhausted all logical pathways we naturally took our vacuum back to the shop because it's still under warranty.

HAH! No. Because that would be SENSIBLE

click on the blog to read the rest


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