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So, Michigan has passed a “bullying is bad but bullying GBLT kids is a-ok, here's how to do it” bill (there's a vid at the source featuring Senator Gretchen Whitmer doing a splendid and emotional slap down of this fuckery).

Basically, it's a law against bullying – unless totally justified by religion! And that's not coded language at all, is it? Afterall, it's not the exact same excuse that bigots are using to undercut everything from marriage equality to discrimination laws, is it? But the religious have a right to hate! How can you possibly oppress their hatred!?

So, if you're a vicious little arsehole bullying GBLT kids until they kill themselves, this law won't stop you. And if, by the slightest possible chance, you do actually find a teacher who is willing to act against your vicious homophobia and transphobia, don't worry, just claim the Bible (or religious text of choice) says you can be a vile little bigotry and the law gives you an instant loophole! After all, the right of hateful religious types to drive us to our graves is far more important than the rights of GBLT youth to, y'know, live.

This is a classic example of straightness taking the reigns and how we're so quickly cast aside.

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So, California has passed a most excellent law requiring schools to include the contributions of GBLT people in history. And this makes me happy dance so much - and not just because all the hate groups are having the screaming meemies (but I do so like those meemies)

See, when I went to school I didn't know of a single GBLT person from history. Not one. Oh we looked at some people who I later learned were GBLT – but it's telling that even when we discussed Oscar Wilde there was nary a mention of his being gay. All so very carefully erased. And it was beyond annoying, it was painful, because I was already half convinced that I was one of the few gays in the world, a freaky aberration that struck some poor fools (y'know, normally stories like that come with super powers. I was totally cheated). Even as I learned that I wasn't the only one, I assumed there were maybe, oh, 500? Maybe? And they were all migrating between Soho and Brighton. Yeah it was ignorant and foolish – but it's an ignorant and foolish world and an ignorant foolish and prejudiced education system. And how can anyone believe they're normal and natural when they think they're the only one?

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New York has voted in favour of marriage equality.

Another step forward and some more families that will not be ignored. Families will get the legal protections and rights that are are so commonly enjoyed by so many striaght people. Many families will be spared untold irritations, annoyances and grief that come from lack of these essential protections. And it's another step forward to greater societal recognition that our loves, our unions, our families have value and are due respect.

And more. One of the things I always say about any right that is granted is it is far more than the right itself. Yes marriage rights are important in and of themselves, yes this will be wonderful for so many families and yes, on that grounds alone it's worth dancing for joy

But it's more, far more than the right itself.

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There is another round up of bigotry, persecution and general evil fuckery on the blog

I compile these because often with this crap there's little to say beyond what has already been said. But I do think it sends a message to collect it. And I make no claim that i've collated even 1% of all the crap out there - I have not, not even close. But I feel seeing several of these items together, in groups is helpful to show patterns. This isn't isolated, they arne't oddities - these are trends, tropes and eternally reocurring badnesses

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It has been a while, but we, sadly, have another round up of hatred and bigotry from all sides as usual. The bombardment is everywhere, it comes in all sectors of society.

For a while I considered not doing these for the sake of the sporking, but I don’t want to run and hide far -it’s a bad habit that is steeling over me.


In the world of business and education

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The elected leaders of the world continue to wallow in hatred – it’s terrifying when you think these people are supposed to be leaders but have no problem showing their homophobic backsides


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We can never underestimate the power of the media and the damage the homophobia, prejudice and general fucked-up-ness of various celebrities. The damage these cause to hearts and minds unmatched

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Which brings us neatly to that paragon of hatred – organised religion.

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Lastly and most tragically – we have to look at the violence. The people hurt, the lives lost, the tears shed. I always insist these be linked with the above because they cannot cannot cannot be separated.

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Now I think i need to find a corner to gently weep in

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One of the things on this blog I have repeatedly said is that speech has consequences. For the most part I have said this in the context of marginalised people and hate speech – how marginalised people will have low self-image and even self hate when they’re in a society that continually demeans and hates and degrades them. How the haters will be discriminatory, bigoted and violent towards them while they’re in a society whose speech continually upholds such prejudice, accepts such prejudices and promotes such prejudice.

Hate speech has always had a cost – it is the foundation on which prejudice is built, it is the cheerleader squad for threatening action, it is the rallying cry for the violent, the extremist, the bigot. Speech can and does excuse the violence, it encourages it, it supports it and it makes it ok, acceptable, NORMAL.



And this applies just as much to political discourse as we have just tragically seen in the US.

Violent rhetoric in politics has always been an unfortunate staple – especially in the US. Poverty, Drugs, Terrorism? These aren’t wounds to heal or problems to solve or even criminals to catch – they’re wars to fight and battles to combat. There has always been an aggressive slant to the rhetoric (It’s said that “when all all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” – then what can we say when all you have is a bullet?)

But this is further exacerbated and taken to new limits looking over the right wing there (and I don’t say they’re the only ones, but they extremely unrestrained and unrestrainedly extreme). How many rallies have wee seen with banners like “If Brown cannot stop health care, then Browning can” or “Time to Water the Tree of Liberty.”?

We know what these mean. They’re threats, they're calls to violence – and they were held up in rallies and accepted and normalised and understood. Violent threats were accepted as part of the discourse.
And worse – they were adopted by people who were supposed to be in authority. Not just demonstrators on the ground (and, I think, we can all admit that any demonstration is going to have a fringe) – but present, past and aspiring elected officials. That’s not fringe – that’s mainstream adopting the same violent rhetoric.

Congressman Michelle Bachman has said so many violent things that I can’t even keep track

Senate candidate Sharon Angle called for “second amendment remedies”

Former VP-hopeful and ex-governor Sarah Palin posted on her Twitter feed “Don’t Retreat, instead reload”

Sarah Palin has also produced an image on her website putting gun crosshairs over the districts of several democrats.

Congressional Candidate Jesse Kelly, Republican candidate in Arizona in the 2010 election spoke of shooting M16s in an event leading up to the election

And now a gunman has attacked Rep Gifford, Jesse Kelly’s opponent and one of the targets of those crosshairs. She is now in hospital, severely injured after being shot. 6 other people died in the attack – including a 9 year old girl. Jarod Loughner and a possible unknown accomplice killed 6 people. And maybe there’s no connection, maybe there was no influence – but I doubt it

These are just some examples of the rhetoric of violence, I know we’ve all seen more, repeated over and over again and from people in or aspiring to be in some of the highest offices in government. The constant reference to guns and ammunition, the battle analogies, the violent references, the borderline – and not so borderline – threats coming from people we would hope would know better (though experience tells us not to expect them to know anything).

And all this violent rhetoric and violent posturing has welled up and killed several people, including a child. And we should not – cannot – be surprised by this. With every threat, every symbol, every metaphor, every gun site, the use of violence in politics was established, normalised and accepted. You can’t call for violence use the language of violence, normalise violence and then be surprised when violence happens.

Sadly the concept of “free speech” is one of the most abused and twisted you will ever come across. Once meant to be a simple concept that the government shouldn’t suppress dissenting views, shouldn’t try and hide and cover things up. It was a principle to prevent newspapers being shut down, to prevent the shit being stuffed under the rug, to prevent anyone who had an idea or a different system from being

Now it is used more and more and more for people to say any kind of vile shit and expect everyone to smile and eat it. Now it is used to pretend that speech has no consequence, has no power, that it is not part of the hatred or the violence or the pain that uses it as a foundation.

Free speech arose precisely because speech has power. It has great power, sometimes devastating power. When used foolishly, carelessly or maliciously it can hurt – it can wound and it can kill. And just because your weapons were words do not mean the blood is not on your hands.

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There has been all kinds of stuff around DOMA and especially DADT lately that I think needs an examine

First of all, DADT has joined DOMA in being hit by the courts – only it has been hit much harder with judge Virginia Phillips declaring it unconstitutional
And it, and I quote “orders the government and Defense Department to immediately “suspend and discontinue any investigation, or discharge, separation, or other proceeding, that may have been commenced under the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Act.””

Which is of the shiny. Oh yes it is.

Unfortunately, the Obama admin has asked for a stay on it – because they’re going to appeal. Just as they’re going to appeal the Massachusetts ruling against DOMA

There is so much wrong here that I’m going to have to break it down to cover all the wrong especially since the wrong applies in so many other areas as well which has really lead me to comment:

Separate Barracks

Yeah that spectre is actually being raised. Yes, even after previous denials. Really, separate barracks? Because ZOMG THE GAY MAY SEE ME NEKKED? As I have said before – the chances are that the gays have already seen your straight backside all nekked.  Since DADT does not make the gays disappear that means they’re already there, the stealth gays are in your showers!
And separate barracks? All gays in one barracks? Do we mix gay men and lesbians? What about bisexuals and pansexuals? Do we really think that’s even remotely productive to have seperate barracks everywhere the American military is for the OPENLY gay? (Remembering that there’ll still be STEALTH GAYS! In with the straight people).


Second big fail – they need to train the troops and the officers! If the repeal comes too quickly how can they possibly teach the American army how to react to a DADT-less reality?! And it’s a not uncommon trope – the idea that people need to be taught how not to be homophobes. People need to be trained how to “deal with” GBLTQ people.

Uh. yeah. What are the training requirements here? Don’t kick out people who come out as GBL. Simples! This is not an advanced concept that should prove difficult to grasp.

Don’t treat GBL service members like shit. If people do give them shit then slap them down. I just… boggle. What kind of advanced training do they really think is necessary here. You used to investigate and kick people out if you thought they were GBL, if they revealed they were, you kicked them out. Now… don’t. Behold, you are trained.

Now, if by traing, we’re talking “we need to stop people being homophobia arseholes” well, guess what? Not going to happen. Not in our lifetime. Homophobic arseholes exist everywhere and continue to exist everywhere and will exist everywhere for the foreseeable future. You’re not going to be able to train people – let alone an entire military – not to be homophobic arseholes. What you can do is make it clear that said arseholery is not acceptable – and if you need trained on that then, seriously, I despair because that’s pathetic.

We need to keep DADT to protect GBL troops.

Yeah, this one can die right now because it’s all kinds of fugly. This is another argument I’ve seen raised on more than one occasion in multiple circumstances – the idea that straight people are pushing us into the closet or need to push us into the closet for our own safety (related to this is the wonderful argument of straight people delaying our rights because they fear ‘backlash’)

Do you know what? I’ve faced homophobia and violent homophobia and have spent no small amount of time in doctor’s offices and hospitals because of it. And sometimes, to protect myself, I will hide and closet myself and lie and pretend. Do you know what I do not need – and no GBL person needs? We don’t need straight people in authority ORDERING us into the closet to “protect” us.

Because removing DADT won’t force all those GBL soldiers out of the closet. It will give them the OPTION of coming out without facing repercussions. The idea that, to protect GBL soldiers from homophobia, that straight people need to deny GBL people that choice is beyond ridiculous.

Do you want to know what would be more “protection”?

Removing DADT so that when a soldier is being tormented because of their sexuality they can actually talk to the powers that be and get help. Do we need to talk about the lesbian who was raped and blackmailed with having her sexuality revealed to her CO if she didn’t co-operate? Do we need to talk about the gay soldier who was sexually abused and had to sleep in kennels in dog shit under threat of having his sexuality disclosed. Do we have to talk about the gay sailor who died and his partner had to learn of it on the freaking NEWS because he was forced in the closet?

How about protecting against that?

Or how about the millions of GBLTQ kids out there hearing over and over that the very thought of having people like them in the military is such an epicly horrendous thing that Department of Defence, Justice and the President are having conniption fits about the whole thing? How about protecting against that?

Disrespecting American soldiers
I also want to know whether American troops are inferior. Or is it just the American government that thinks so?

Because Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealands – hells, a couple of dozen more – all have openly gay troops serving in the military. We also didn’t have epic conniption fits over it. Are our soldiers better? Are our soldiers more decent, more honourable, more professional, less bigoted? Is the American government saying that American soldiers just don’t have the same standards and respectability as those form other lands?

So, are American troops worse? Or do the powers that be

Sad thing is, most of these issues are not even remotely unique to DADT, which is what has had my head a-whirl. Because from the idea of protecting us by closeting us, to the utter terror of ZOMG TEH GAYS SEE ME NEKKED to the idea that you need special knowledge and training to handle us through to the ide athat something that has gone without a hitch so many other places will be ZOMG IMPOSSIBLE here – well it’s the same old same old

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It has been 12 years since Matthew Shepard died from being brutally attacked and tortured by homophobes What was done to him was horrific – so horrendous that it finally served as something of a wake up call. There was outrage, there was fury – and there was a great deal of grief.

People shouldn’t have to suffer like this just because they are GBLTQ. A 21 year old shouldn’t be tortured and killed because he was gay. Lives shouldn’t be cut so horrifically short because the person living them is not straight and cisgendered. It shouldn’t have to be said – but it CANNOT be said enough times.

And the reason why it cannot be repeated enough is because the lesson is not being learned. Because people are not listening to us.

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And, from hate speech we move on to it’s child – the discrimination

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And, inevitably, the violence

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Hate speech is one of my main beefs. I believe it is the foundation on which discrimination, prejudice and violence is built. These things do not happen in a vaccuum -they happen because there are people, organisations, the media and authority figures giving their consent and encouragement with their hateful words and bigoted speech.

I very much believe this is the basis for so much of the badness we face

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Or so it seems. In fairness, we should add “allegedly” all over.

But while considering that, please pull up a chair and join me in another big slice of schadenfreude pie (damn if they keep this up I am so going to put on weight from this pie) while we watch Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long is not very friendly to GBLTQ rights – no no he is not. As leader of a rather large megachurch, he peddles his hatred on a grand scale. He is one of the “culture warriors” fighting tooth and nail to dehumanise GBLTQ people as much as he can every chance he gets

And he is now being charged with pressuring male teen employees into having sex with him It has now risen to 3 claimants

Yep, get yourself another piece of that sweet sweet pie

I really am beginning to feel it’s almost beyond a joke now. Are we seeing a pattern yet? There are so many of these utterly repressed gay homophobes so deep in the closet that I think Tumnus gets more action than I ever did! Isn’t it getting awfully crowded in the back there?

The homophobic hater closet is bigger than Imelda Marcoss shoe closet.

And I do think this is a victory. I think when the hypocrisy of hate mongers is exposed, it is always a victory, another step forwards. And this is definitely

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Yes, yes it has.

Yes really! Really really. Naturally there is a chance for appeal, but Judge Virginia Phillips has said she will issue an injunction stopping the govt from enforcing the policy.

Time for a happy dance, methinks.

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Proposition 8 – it has been overturned.  And Judge  Walker’s ruling, from what I’ve read of it, is a thing of beauty. Yes yes it is.

The singing, dancing and general leaping for joy in my RSS is a thing of joy to behold.

Naturally it will be appealed – but in that lies some hope itself. A beautiful step forwards – keep on hoping.

Let the partying commence!

And review again why the trial was almost comedic Such a wonderful summation

In fact, let’s have more of that :)

Hmmm sweet sweet schaudenfreude. Where’s that pie recipe? Nom nom schadenfreude pie.

In Mexico, Mexico City’s gay marriage law was also being challenged in court – and it reached all the way to Mexico’s Supreme Court.

Which upheld the law Oh I love the smell of justice in the morning.

Justicia has been smacking ‘em down lately :)

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The bigoted governor of Hawaii, the vile excuse for a human being that is Linda Lingle, has decided to veto Hawaii’s civil union law. Even separate, not equal half measures are too much for her. Words cannot express my loathing and contempt for bigots like this woman. But she has gone on to compound her bigotry by deciding to compare gay civil unions to – incest. This woman is beneath contempt and her bigotry inexcusable.

She is joined in hate speech by New Hampshire GOP congressional candidate Bob Giuda. He believes that gay marriage is akin to bestiality. Men and sheep, women and dogs apparently. Why are such vile, bigoted scum given any platform, let alone have any kind of chance to get into office? What truly hateful person would vote for these excuses for humanity?

And yet more – Georgia GOP Gubernatorial candidate Karen Hendal hates gays and our families and certainly wants us away from children. Why? BECAUSE, that’s why!

New Jersey GOP Rep Chris Smith isn’t happy with keeping his bigotry local, oh know. This man is working to block the UN from recognising The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (which has been battling for years against a homophobic UN for recognition and the importance of its work) More hateful bigots working tooth and nail to kill and maim us for the sake of their religion.

The Pentagon is showing more of its dedication to removing (or not) DADT – with a new survey for soldiers about those SCARY GAYS! The survey is a trainwreck. It’s really horrible, I cannot imagine how anyone could have produced this survey and not realised how utterly wrong it is

In response to the wonderful Supreme Court asylum decision in the UK, we have had the usual homophobic suspects opening their mouths and letting the vileness fall out. Queen of homophobic bigots, retired Tory MP Ann Widdecombe chief among them of course. She can always be relied upon for her hateful venom As for the Press? I have no words, I really don’t.

Prison staff in Dartmoor prison are causing concern by being overtly homophobic. GBLT prisoners are among the most vulnerable – and make up a disproportionate amount of the prison system as well. Being  victimised in prison is common for GBLTs – further victimisation from the staff is further hell to them

Tories have investigated a homophobic Tory Councillor using slurs against gay people and decided that it wasn’t homophobic. Why am I not surprised? Tories, same old same old. And LGBTory will continue to play excuser and enabler for them. Betrayers the lot of them and shame on them all.

In Canada a landlord is fighting a legal battle against the Human Rights Commission because he doesn’t want to rent to gays I have not the words. He made this couple homeless simply because they were gay.

A pro-family Christian group has leaped merrily into the realm of hateful ridiculousness by not only comparing gay marriage to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill – but also saying that gay marriage is WORSE damn, and I thought the pope was ahead on comparing us to major disasters

South African homophobe Jerry Matjila objects to the protection of gay rights – because acknowledging we’re oppressed somehow makes other oppressions less real or important. But I expect little better from the UN Human Rights Council.

These words cost. They cost lives, they cost rights and they cost me no small number of grey hairs. But it’s best to listen to what they say – so we know what we face

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Well, unexpected and well worth celebrating. After celebrating what the UK Supreme Court did for gay asylum seekers, we see another court in the US give a wonderful surprise by declaring DOMA unconstitutional. Not once, but twice..

Both judges came to their decision through summary judgment (which is legal speak for the judge picking up the case and saying “this is such utter bullshit I don’t even have to listen to you to make my decision!”)

This judgments AREN’T saying that all states have to allow same sex marriage (sadly).

But they are saying that the Federal government can’t refuse to accept couples that have been married under state law. So, for example, if a gay couple has been married in Massachusetts, the federal government has no business turning round and saying “no, they’re not really married.” I understand this is a 10th Amendment issue (don’t ask me, American law is not my thing but I understand this is the Amendment that says “unless it‘s expressly states to be the Federal government‘s decision, it‘s the state‘s decision.”). So the federal government cannot treat a legal same-sex marriage from a state that legalises same-sex marriage as anything less than a marriage and cannot force the state itself to treat same-sex marriages as less than opposite-sex marriage. It cannot force the state to discriminate.

Of interest as well in the fuller details of the case is the many other things the judges didn’t accept such as refusing to accept that banning same-sex marriage benefits children, that allowing same-sex marriage serves as a disincentive to marry, etc.

‘Tis a step in the right direction, yes yes it is :)

In other legal victory news, the island of Sark (that is one of the semi-autonomous British dependent islands around the British Isles) has finally bought a clue and equalised the age of consent for gay and bisexual men to 16 to bring it in line with heterosexuals, lesbians and bisexual women.  This follows Guernsey doing the same in March and the Isle of Mann catching up in 2006 (but then, the Isle of Mann still had sodomy laws in place in 1992). Well, islands, welcome to the 21st century. Took you long enough.

Sadly other British dependencies – Bermuda, Alderney and Gibraltar – still seem to be maintaining separate age of consent for gay and bisexual men.

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In Georgia 2 marines have been arrested for beating a gay man in Savannah. The victim is still in hospital after suffering 2 seizures during the attack. But but of course

They have been charged with… a misdemeanour. But it’s possible federal hate crimes charges may be brought since Georgia has no hate crime law.

Of course the attack was justified because it’s alleged the victim *gasp* WINKED AT THEM! WINKING people! Why, in such circumstances why wouldn’t you beat someone into unconsciousness and leave them with bruises on their brain and needing CPR from their friends?! Words cannot describe how sick I am of the “gay panic” defence. In light of the horrendous charge of winking Col. David Robinson would like you to consider both sides of the story. So hey, at least they can rely on their commanding officer to try and defend the beating of gay men into unconsciousness.

Of course, it is bound to be connected to some degree to the whole debate about gays in the military (yes, that debate that shouldn’t be happening because it is inherently homophobic and over done) but the mayor of Yuma, Arizona has already made up his mind.  Making it clear that: “I cannot believe a bunch of lacey-drawered, limp-wristed people could do what those men have done in the past.”

No because violent bigots do a much much better job than “lacey drawered, limp-wristed people” right?

Of course, he is a mayor in Arizona, which does seem to be trying to set records for being objectionable out there.  And governor Jan Brewer has heard the word of God and used the powerful position that god put her in (is Arizona a theocracy now?) to revoke rights for domestic partners of state employees and their children. That’s unmarried heterosexual couples (who, in her godly mind, should get married) and gay couples (who, of course, aren’t allowed to get married). Is there an award for most objectionable state? Between the “show your papers” immigration rule and the “you have an accent, get out them schools!” and now this – Arizona seems to be aiming for gold.

But, back to the soldiers. How can gays be allowed in the military? Don’t you know that gay sex is… TERRORISM! Yes, the American Family Association, holding on to its good Christian values, would like you all to know that gay sex is domestic terrorism! But hey, they also would like everyone to know that Hitler was gay and recuirted gay soldiers because us gays know no limit on our “savagery”. Considering the number of homosexuals who were killed in the holocaust – well, words cannot describe how offensive this is

And of course Janet Porter is being, well Janet Porter. That woman is almost a stand up act, she’s so out there

Sadly, hate crimes and attacks are not limited to Arizona. An assault on a gay teen in Illanois was actually recorded by the attackers and posted on Youtube.

In Washington, a dispute over a trailer goes the way of hate as one man announces he’s going to get his gun and go “{anti-gay expletive} hunting” ah, just like that pastor who wanted to have “fag burning” and “hunt a homo.”

A man left a pride parade in Albany only to be found with life threatening injuries (he has now been stabilised) and is currently being investigated

In London, a gay couple was attacked with slurs and violence riding on a bus threatening them, attacking them and causing one man to need 8 stitches

At least there is some justice. The murderer of 79 year old gay man, Edward Highworth known for helping the homeless has been found guilty – despite AGAIN the raising of the gay panic defence. He has been gaoled for 23 yeats

In Vancouver a gay couple has been attacked and bitten one of the victims had to be hospitalised and have staples put in his head.

And homophobic hate crimes in Canada are increasing – doubling in fact (though we can hope it is better reporting) and hate crimes against homosexuals, primarily gay men, where more likely to be violent. Better reporting or not – we know that most hate crimes go un-reported.

In Dubai, a man found with a bra offered to take a “gay test” to defend himself from prosecution. He was cleared of cross-dressing “charges” since the court couldn’t prove he was wearing the bra.

Sadly, the prejudice behind all of this violence continues. In addition to our friends in the AFA and the ever eccentric Janet Porter, Pentecostal and evangelical churches are still engaging in highly damaging gay exorcisms despite the pain and damage this causes to people – especially the young and vulnerable

In Virginia Michael Moore (not that one) was fired. He was fired because he was gay. The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management  confirmed this. His appeal has been refused. There is no legal protection in Virginia for discrimination against GBLT people. And, as ever, the court and powers that be avoided the elephant in the room – the fact that anti-gay discrimination is so often religious based. But time and again we’ve found that that is a conversation we cannot have, a point we cannot make and a battle we’re not even allowed to fight – let alone get close to winning.

In New York, the GENDA bill to protect trans people from discrimination, was defeated/ I can only agree with Senator Thomas Duane, calling his fellows “a cesspool of homophobia and transphobia”

A catholic newspaper for the Archdiocese of Boston published a column saying we shouldn’t allow gay kids in catholic schools because they might BRING PORN! ZOMG no, PORN PEOPLE! PORN! Well, I don’t know about you guys but I always took porn to school. Books? Check. Pens? Check. Calculator? Check. Hardcore porn? Check. Because I’m sure EVERY gay schoolkid is just happy to carry gay porn around with them.

But of course, because gay people don’t breed (apparently) we’re INHERENTLY pornographic, don’tchaknow. Oh and gay parents shouldn’t be called parents unless biologically related to their children, apparently. Why would such bigots be allowed to be part of the adoption of ANY children?! Oh the Catholic church, it never changes.

Gross homophobia in sports continues sadly

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, Rep Michele Bachman (she who makes Janet Porter look almost reasonable) praised a Christian rock band that will appear at a GOP convention. The band calls for the execution of gay people

And yes, equally unsurprising, the bigots are already threatening Iceland with another volcano eruption. Because their evil hate-deity is going to cause untold pain and suffering with a mega eruption because gay people love each other (and I’m not even going to link to James Hartline’s blog, it’s bad enough I saw the re-tweet of his vileness).

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Another unfortunate look at the forces of homophobia out there and the victims they leave behind. From politics to media to the church and the endless attacks on our children, our work places and our bodily integrity there seems to be no shortage of stories and I know I only scratch the shallowest surface

Around the world, politics continues to devalue, attack and destroy our lives.

In Georgia GBLT violence and discrimination is on the rise – fanned and encouraged by political parties using GBLTs as scapegoats and distractions and as a quick and easy way to garner support. You don’t need to focus on issues – just bash us and you’ll get the adulation of the masses it seems.

In Zimbabwe, two members of the gay rights group GALZ (courageous people to operate in such a virulently homophobic nation) were arrested. While both were later released – they say they were brutalised and tortured during their detention.

During the ongoing battles to stop the Uganda genocide law, many forces came out to distance themselves from it (oh no, rampant homophobia and religious hate can’t have been the cause! Certainly not!) Not the christian Family Research Council They actually paid $25,000 to lobby the US congress NOT to denounce Uganda’s kill-the-gays law. They spent this money to defend the execution of gay people.

How this group is not considered a hate group, I do not know.

But while we investigate why these aren’t a hate group, we could also investigate why Minnesota governor Time Pawlenty is considered human. He has vetoed a law that would allow gay people to have some say on the burial decisions of their deceased loved ones. Such a small thing to ask, such a desperate thing that is needed and he vetoed it.

The media is doing it’s normal sterling jobf ke oeping the flames of homophobia high.

CNN has again jumped into that wonderful media pit of Questions that should not be asked as it has before along with the BBC, the Sun and gods alone know how many others by asking (straight) people whether or not they agree with letting gay people visit our partners when they are hospitalised. Again, why is this debateable? Again, why are the whims of the public over such an essential need considered relevant? Again, why is disagreement with this presented as a legitimate, acceptable position?

Meanwhile McDonalds in France has produced a sweet advert about a gay kid eating at their ‘restaurant’. Now, I don’t find this unproblematic because I think the whole “come as you are” would work far better if it weren’t “come as you are… closeted.” Because I don’t think that is a great message – come as you are, in hiding, come as you are, but hide it, come as you are… but make sure straight people don‘t know, including your own father. Well, yeah, not an ideal advert. Still it is sweet and it is an actual gay person in mainstream advertising in a non-mockable manner which is pretty damn rare (now just waiting for a gay person in mainstream advertising without problematic elements).

Bill O’Reilly has also seen this advert. And he is not amused. He asks whether McDonalds is going to produce an advert including Al’Qaida members. Yes he just compared being gay to being a member of Al’Qaida. Yeah, I’d comment on that but I have to plant rainbow sparkly bombs somewhere according to the insidious gay agenda.

But hey, O’Reilly may be on some pretty strong reality altering drugs – afterall, he has just compared trans people to Ewoks. Ewoks. EWOKS? *boggles*

In Iowa, Rep Steve King in a great deal of frothing and raving about the legalisation of gay marriage – speaks of fathers marrying their sons and mothers marrying their daughters. Because, y’know, gay marriage is totally the same as incest, right? Oh and gay marriage will lead to more abortions… *thinks* *tilts head* *strains* nope, lost me there. I mean I’m generally able to run alongside wingnuttery but I can’t even begin to see how he’s coming up with that one.

Of course, our kids are still in the firing line.

China is worried about boys growing up without enough masculine stereotypes being shoved down their throats so has created a school for “sissies” To “toughen” the boys up and make them less “girly” with an extra side dollop of emotional repression. Well, I have to say, that’s an impressive amount of fail in one. What’s that? sexism, transphobia, homophobia, AND saddling kids with a big big big helping of issues and complexes for later life. Ok, anyone else competing in the “who can screw up kids the most?” game show?

Continuing the screwing over of gay teens that seems to be something of a habit lately, a Lesbian student does not appear in her high school year book she has been erased completely.

No look at the waves of homophobia out there can fail to take into account religious bigotry, alas.

And that includes when further harming GBLT children, a Christian group in Oakland is celebrating their victory – they have forced a school to withdraw it’s anti-GBLT bullying campaign. Because stopping kids being hurt is against their faith it seems.

The Catholic church, always to be relied upon for being an eternal source of hatred, of course gets a mention. See, the Catholic church has had to deal with the most horrific sex abuse scandal and is responding by asking questions of seminarians to weed out paedophiles (sounds about as useful as a chocolate fireguard to me since if paedophiles could be identified in a cripplingly awkward interview, paedophilia wouldn’t be much of a problem) Oh and the interview is also designed to find any gay candidates as well. An interview in response to the child abuse scandal that tries to weed out gay candidates. Gah, words cannot express how much the Catholic church is coming to disgust me.

Of course, one entry from the Catholic church would be an improvement over the normal amount of hate they bring, but no, there’s another. See, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is not happy about ENDA, not happy at all. So decided it was their Christian duty to appeal to congress to allow bigotry against GBLT people to continue. Be warned, the source is a Catholic news source.

And Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston has spoken on the recent exclusion of the children of lesbians from Catholic schools (personally, I don’t understand why any GBLT person would put their child into a situation that would indoctrinate such hatred in them). And he made an analogy to make his point – referencing a brothel owner who trafficked women in horrendous conditions that lead to some of their deaths.  That’s right, he compared lesbian parents with human traffickers.

And while we’re on the subject of religious bigotry – the Traditional Families coalition makes it clear why they’re so opposed to discrimination laws as if it were in doubt – religious business owners should have the moral right to discriminate against GBLTs. Why Rand Paul, you have a following, you do!  The minute you allow in “my religion says X” as an excuse to be a bigot then ALL discrimination laws go out the window – they all die because people can use (and have used) religion to justify any amount of bigotry.

Pastor Owens of West Virginia’s Shenandoah Bible Baptist church is taking some heat for his truly disgusting sermon, the audio tape of which was leaked onto the net Most providers take it down as soon as it appears because it is that disgusting. Dubbed the “hunt-a-homo” sermon, it says things like “we should burn fags not flags” and other such gems. Ye gods I wish I was making that up. The video is included in the link, it is EXTREMELY TRIGGERING!

Sadly, religious groups are a major source of bigotry world wide (though it’s rarely something we’re permitted to address given the large number of defenders and excusers organised religion’s homophobia has). In the UK, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey wants SPECIAL courts for cases when there is religious beliefs are used to promote and enforce bigotry against GBLT people he wants specially religiously trained judges to handle them – to protect the rights of poor poor Christians who want to oppress GBLTs.

In Dorset, UK a Lesbian couple has been forced out of the church one of them has attended for years. Told they may not ‘associate’ with each other. Callous and uncaring, though I expect little else

The leader of a Pentecostal church in Brixton, London has been comparing being gay top paedophilia and rape, fanning the flames of religious hatred against us. His “refutation” is that he is only upholds orthodox and traditional Christian beliefs. That is not a refutation. Not even close – an admission perhaps, but not a refutation

And all this comes with a further cost – the cost of violence and discrimination and fear and very real victims

In Paraguay, a young Lesbian on announcing she was going to move in with her girlfriend, was kidnapped and tortured – by her own family

In China, a lesbian tried to kill herself by swallowing pesticide because she was faced with a forced marriage to a man. This is the despair that homophobia drives people to

In Texas 2 gay men were attacked by homophobes yelling slurs and hitting them with freaking baseball bats as they left a gay bar.

In Minneaoplis 2 people were shot outside of a gay club.

In Ontario, a man who direcdted a play about homophobia was beaten in an anti-gay assault.

And in Seattle, a man has been arrested for hate crimes for harassing, assaulting and beating a trans woman in the street

Gay flight attendants working for the airline KLM have been refused in their requests to avoid trips to Iran. A country which, we must remember, imprisons, tortures and executes GBLT people. The company already allows some flight attendants to stay safe by avoiding the country and doesn’t want to extend it further. They can stay safe but gay flight attendants still have to go and put their very lives at risk.

But who do we rely on to protect GBLT rights? Well… sadly not a whole lot of anyone. Certainly not the UN which has finally blocked accreditation for The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission after 3 years of hemming and hawing. It seems too many nations are too vehemently against any idea of gay rights, there are just too many bigots and bigoted nations out there to allow us to be treated like people. of course, there never are and never will be any real action to try and push these nations to accept our humanity (indeed, no small amount of wailing and fury and defence at the very suggestion!) so our blood will continue to be spilled and generally ignored.


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